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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 2086

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 2086

was fooled

After finishing speaking, the magician waved his hand, and a huge and sharp wind moved towards Long Xingxu and others!

With this simple wave of his hand, Long Xingxu and many people from Longmen flew out backwards!

Through the confrontation, Long Xingxu knew that the strength of the magic envoy was too strong, and they were probably not opponents!

But since he was asked to guard the house, Long Xingxu couldn’t easily let someone rescue Ning Zhi!

Seeing Long Xingxu and the others not giving way, a cold light flashed in the demon’s eyes, and then the breath on his body began to erupt!

A powerful and terrifying aura instantly enveloped the entire Longmen.

Long Xingxu and the others suddenly felt an invisible pressure hit, and then many people fell to the ground one after another!

Long Xingxu gritted his teeth and wanted to bear the pressure to his death, but the disparity in strength was too great, and finally Long Xingxu was crushed to the ground with a thud!

The hard bluestone slabs on the ground were severely cracked!

Looking at the fallen Longmen crowd, the corner of the demon’s mouth slightly raised: “Hmph, a bunch of rubbish, do you want to stop me too?”

“Today I will let that Chen Ping take a look and follow our Demon Heart Sect to oppose it. The price…”

After speaking, the aura on the magician’s body began to soar, and the pressure on the people of Longmen instantly increased sharply!

Some people have started to vomit blood, and their lives are rapidly being lost!

“So blatantly doing evil in Kyoto, do you think I don’t exist?”

At this moment, a figure descended from the sky, and then a soft breath descended on everyone’s heads!

Everyone in Longmen only felt their bodies lighten, and they all stood up one after another!

Long Xingxu also stood up, and when he saw the person who came suddenly, he was suddenly surprised, and hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Long Xingxu welcomes Mr. Shi…”

Mr. Shi just nodded slightly, and then his face was calm. Look at the magician!

The magic envoy and Ning Zhi saw that Mr. Shi suddenly arrived, and their faces became extremely ugly!

“Mr. Shi, this is a personal grievance. It should have nothing to do with your officials. I hope you don’t interfere.” The

magician said to Mr. Shi.

Mr. Shi frowned slightly and waved his palm lightly!


With a crisp sound, the demon’s left face instantly became red and swollen!

“You, a little devil, dare to speak to me in such a tone, I think you are tired of living.”

Mr. Shi’s face began to turn cold!

The magician covered his face, his expression sluggish.

Now that he has recovered his main body, he has the strength of the Martial Saint, but even the strength of the Martial Saint is so vulnerable in front of Mr. Shi!

“Mr. Shi, then Chen Ping arrested me as a disciple of the Demon Heart Sect. I will rescue him now, will Mr. Shi not care?” The

magic envoy looked at Mr. Shi nervously and asked.

“You can save the people of your Demon Heart Sect, but if you dare to kill the people of Longmen, I will never forgive you…”

Mr. Shi said with a stern look.

Seeing this, the envoy could only bring Shi Yan and quickly escaped from the Dragon Gate!

The appearance of Mr. Shi can be regarded as saving the lives of dozens of Longmen disciples!

“Mr. Shi, then… that Ning Zhi was taken away, what should we do next?”

Long Xingxu boldly asked Mr. Shi.

“That’s your business, what’s it to me?”

After Mr. Shi finished speaking, his body was slowly disappearing!

“Mr. Shi, Mr. Shi…”

Long Xingxu shouted desperately, as if it was of no use, Mr. Shi soon disappeared without a trace.

Looking at the corpses on the ground and some seriously injured Longmen members, Long Xingxu hurriedly called for help!

However, Ning Zhi was rescued, and Long Xingxu didn’t know how he would explain after Chen Ping came back!

At this moment, Hu Mazi and Zhou Jie came back. They tried many times, but they couldn’t open the entrance to the secret realm. They could only come back temporarily to find a way!

After hearing that Ning Zhi was rescued by the magic envoy, Hu Mazi knew that they had been fooled. It was estimated that the other party deliberately lured Chen Ping into the secret realm, and they took the opportunity to rescue Ning Zhi!

In this case, Chen Ping will definitely be very dangerous in the secret realm.

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