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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 2084

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 2084


Shi Qingpei pulls on Shi Yan, turns around and runs away!

However, Chen Ping didn’t chase after him. After all, he came to borrow the Heavenly Secret Order, and he didn’t really want to kill Bailian Pavilion!

Seeing Shi Qingpei and his son running away, the other members of Bailian Pavilion also left in a rush!

In the quasi-instantly huge hall, only Chen Ping was left with Hu Mazi!

“Damn, I haven’t had enough fun yet, why did I run away?”

Hu Mazi cursed while holding the purple gold gourd!

“Okay, we’re here to get the secret order, not to kill people.”

After Chen Ping finished speaking, he planned to leave. After he got the secret order, he had to rescue Su Yuqi as soon as possible!

“Wait a minute…”

Just when Chen Ping was about to leave, Hu Mazi stopped him!

“Master Hu, is there anything else you can do?”

Chen Ping asked in confusion.

“It’s such a pity that we just left with so many instruments…”

After Hu Mazi finished speaking, he began to look for things to install instruments frantically!

When Chen Ping saw this, he directly opened the storage ring and swept away all the instruments!

Although Chen Ping can’t use these instruments, giving these instruments to those in Longmen will definitely increase the strength of Longmen!

Chen Ping followed Hu Mazi back to Kyoto!

With the secret order, Chen Ping can open the entrance to the secret realm of Demon Heart Sect, and he can rescue Su Yuqi!

When the two arrived in Kyoto, it was already dark, but Chen Ping didn’t dare to rest at all, and rushed to the entrance of the secret realm with the secret order!

Zhou Jie had already received the news in advance and was waiting for them at the entrance of the secret realm!

I saw that the entrance appeared with Zhou Jie’s hands waving, Zhou Jie said to Chen Ping: “Mr. Chen, where is the secret order?”

Chen Ping handed the secret order to Zhou Jie, while Zhou Jie gave a spiritual Break into the secret order!

In an instant, the Heavenly Secret Order shone with light, and then Zhou Jie directly threw the Heavenly Secret Order to the entrance of the secret realm, accompanied by a burst of bright light.

With a humming sound, the entrance to the secret realm in front of him emits rays of light, and the dazzling rays of light illuminate the entire dark night!

After the entrance was opened, the secret order returned to Zhou Jie’s hands!

“Mr. Chen, the entrance is open!”

Zhou Jie handed the secret order to Chen Ping, but Chen Ping didn’t pick it up!

“Heavenly secret, please save it first, I want to go in to save Yuqi, so I don’t know what’s going on, it’s not safe to put it on me…”

Chen Ping entered the secret realm to save Su Yuqi, after all, it was an unknown environment, Chen Ping didn’t know himself What danger will be encountered!

“Chen Ping, I’ll go in with you…”

Hu Mazi said.

“Master Hu, you should stay outside. I’ll go ahead and explore the way. If I really encounter danger, I can escape.”

After all, Hu Mazi’s strength is much weaker, so Chen Ping did not agree to let him go with him. Get in!

After Chen Ping finished speaking, he walked towards the entrance, and soon his body disappeared in the light!

Just as Chen Ping’s body disappeared, the void suddenly shook, and the entrance in front of him was instantly closed!

This time, Hu Mazi and Zhou Jie outside panicked!

“What’s going on?”

Hu Mazi asked.

“I, I don’t know…”

Zhou Jie hurriedly activated the spell, but the entrance in front of him did not appear at all!

Soon Zhou Jie’s head was full of cold sweat!

“It’s broken, it’s broken, we’re afraid we’ve been fooled by the Demon Heart Sect.”

Hu Mazi looked at the disappearing entrance and stomped his feet anxiously!

But at this time, Chen Ping didn’t know it at all, he only felt a strong light flashed in front of him, and then all the scenes changed!

Although the time and space in the secret realm is the same as that in the secular realm, it is still dark night, but with the aura full of spiritual energy and the lush green forests, the environment here is much stronger than the secret realm of Fire Gate where the Ge family is located!

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