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A Cue for Love Chapter 996

A Cue for Love Chapter 996

 What Should I Call You

Natalie sat there obediently, without making a noise.

In a deep voice, Samuel uttered, “I’ll go look for a first aid kit to treat your wound.”

“Mhm.” Natalie released her grip on the man’s shoulder and sat there meekly.

Even though the countless pieces of evidence had proven that the man before her was not Samuel, she had an answer deep within her heart since a long time ago.

She was unusually convinced that she was right about her perception—In this world, there was no way she could find another man who would treat her like how he does.

Not long after Samuel headed out, he returned with a first aid kit in his hand.

Reaching out and pulling Natalie closer, the man used a pair of scissors and snipped off her sleeve to reveal her wound. At the sight of flowing blood, he quickly placed a piece of gauze and applied pressure on the wound.

Throughout the process, Natalie did not flinch a bit and merely stared at him firmly.

“Do you not feel warm with the mask on?” Natalie chuckled.

“Not at all,” Samuel replied. “If it hurts, I’ll do it more gently.”

“Mmm.” Natalie’s red lips curved slightly, and a tender look washed across her face.

After Samuel finished treating her wound, she grabbed him by his shirt. “I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” The man turned around and stared at her intently.

“I just want to let you know… that I don’t need your protection from now on.” Natalie smiled.

Samuel’s voice turned frosty. “You’re injured, yet you’re confidently telling me you don’t need my protection. Don’t you think there are some things that you can tell me after you manage to do it? Given your current state, there’s nothing else other than making me even more worried.”

Not only was he feeling upset after seeing Natalie wounded, but his tone also sounded quite unpleasant.

“You’re right. I’m at fault for not protecting myself well,” Natalie muttered. “But I’ve found someone who can protect me. He grew up with me since we were both kids. Even though we were apart for a few years, he’s now the major-general of Loang. He has a bright future awaiting him.”

Behind the silver mask, a menacing expression crossed Samuel’s handsome face. The aura radiating around him instantly resulted in a drastic temperature drop in the atmosphere.

Of course, Natalie could sense it. But that was what she wanted. She was deliberately trying to agitate him.

What gives him the right to work together with Luna to lie to me? If he can do that, I should have the right to put him through the same kind of torment. Like when I had the hyper-realistic mask on, he could tell the difference between Yara and me. So why does he think that I won’t be able to recognize him after he puts on this silver mask?

“Jerome is my childhood sweetheart. We have had a deep relationship since young. Especially after our first kiss in the escape room, it further reaffirmed my feelings for him. Since I’ve chosen him, he will surely be angry if I get too close to you…”

As those words fell out of Natalie’s mouth, Samuel slammed his palms on the desk, locking her between the desk and his body.

Despite sensing the fury blazing within him, she continued to make things worse. “You heard what I just said, right? So, you should keep a distance from me lest Jerome gets angry.”

Nonetheless, Samuel remained in his position, exerting more force on his arms to pull himself physically closer to Natalie.

Purposely grabbing the wound on her arm, she blinked and moaned, “Ouch… It hurts. You just hurt my wound!”

Mildly stumped by her complaint, Samuel hastily tried to check on her injury.

While the man had his attention on her wound, Natalie took advantage of the opportunity and stretched her hand out to take off the mask on his face.

When Samuel felt his face more breathable, he also spotted the silver mask he had been wearing appear on Natalie’s hand. Instantly, he stared at her, unconvinced.

“Now…” Glee emerged in Natalie’s tone. “Should I call you Samuel or Xander?”

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