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A Cue for Love Chapter 995

A Cue for Love Chapter 995

How Dare You Still Make A Fuss

“Ahh!” The pain traveled through every inch of Bridger’s body, leaving him crying out in pain.

But that was not all.

Following his bones shattering, Bridger was sent smashing onto the floor, and the weight behind a leather shoe ruthlessly stomped on his face.

His face and body contorted out of shape, the former due to the immense force from the shoe and the latter because of his broken shoulder.

Lying on the floor, Bridger’s eyes were full of shock and fear as he fixed them on the man before him.

Covering the man’s facial features was a silver-colored mask. He was giving off a cold and aloof aura, and a mere glance at him was enough to send a chill down everyone’s spine and steer them away from him.

“W-Who are you?” Bridger groaned.

However, the man did not answer his question. Instead, he leaned over, picked up the dagger on the floor, and shoved it into Bridger’s right arm without hesitation.

The shiny blade that went in turned bright red after being pulled out. A gash appeared on Bridger’s arm, and blood began gushing out.

Before Bridger could yell, the extreme pain left him unconscious.

Seeing that bloody situation, Jada grew so furious her emotions were pouring out of her expression. “Natalie! Who on earth is he? Is he your friend? But I don’t care if he is your friend! Aren’t you two worried about getting penalized by the laws of Loang?” She walked up to the man and bellowed. “It’s undeniable that Olivia has done something wrong, but she has got locked up in the police station! Jerry became severely injured because of you! And now, you and this man here acted so viciously toward Bridger. You guys have no respect for the laws! Trust me; I can sue you for attempting murder for harming my husband!”

With a faint smirk, Natalie avoided the man lying on the floor and went up to Jada.

As much as the latter was seething with anger, it was apparent fear was growing in her. “L-Listen up… Y-You better not try to do anything funny… Don’t think I’ll be afraid of you just because you’re acting like this…”

The smirk on Natalie’s face widened at the sight of the livid expression on Jada’s face.

She’s still so stubborn at this point? She’s obviously scared out of her wits. Why still pretend that she isn’t?

“Fret not; I won’t do anything to you.” Natalie snickered. “There’s no need to worry. Wait till your husband regains his consciousness and when the police arrive. We shall see which side the laws of Loang take. Two acts of intentional homicide, a car accident, and an onslaught. I’m sure the judge will be able to decide whether all of that constitutes an act of self-defense or attempted murder!”

As those words rang out, Jada turned a little grim.

Car accident?

In truth, Bridger did not share his plan with Jada before staging the car accident. But having heard what Natalie said, it did not take Jada much effort to come to comprehension.

So the car accident isn’t an accident at all. It’s Bridger trying to vent his anger and take revenge against this wretch! Does that mean Jerry’s appearance to save Natalie wasn’t a coincidence either? He must’ve overheard Bridger’s plan but couldn’t stop him, and thus he resorted to using such a method to save Natalie.

The confident and bold Jada from earlier almost seemed like she had become mute at that point that even opening her mouth seemed like a chore to her.

Thinking of how Natalie had asked them to behave, regret began to pour into Jada. If I’d listened to her advice and stopped Bridger, perhaps he wouldn’t have acted rashly and made such a mistake.

Despite so, the outcome was already a foregone conclusion.

Ignoring the crowd, Samuel approached Natalie and carried her up.

Compared to her usual reserved nature, she did not struggle to escape his embrace and merely placed her arms around his neck this time.

As a clever woman, Natalie probably already had things figured out.

Even though there were matters that she could not see through a couple of times, it was impossible things would stay that way forever.

By the time Jesper arrived, all that came within his vision was a wounded Natalie and a grim-looking Samuel.

“Mr. Bowers…”

“Get rid of the two of them,” Samuel grimly commanded.

Throwing a glance at Bridger, who fell unconscious because of the immense pain, and Jada, who looked lifeless and slumped on the floor, Jesper bobbed his head. “I got it.”

Samuel then carried Natalie, walked into an empty office, and put her on the desk.

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