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A Cue for Love Chapter 993

A Cue for Love Chapter 993

Do Not Challenge My Patience

Natalie glanced at the medical instrument. When she saw that Jerry’s blood pressure was significantly lower than the standard, she frowned deeply.

His injuries… are distinctly more severe than I’d imagined.

“Hemostatic forceps,” she demanded in a low voice.

The lead surgeon beside her had never seen her, but he was intimidated by her sharp eyes under the goggles. Seemingly on reflex, he handed her the hemostatic forceps in his hand.

Taking a step forward, Natalie stood at the position of the lead surgeon and started working on Jerry with undivided attention.

During the operation, the lead surgeon remained standing beside her. Before witnessing her skills, he was a touch skeptical. But as the operation progressed, he and the other medical personnel all gaped in awe as they watched her every move unblinkingly.

When the entire operation had concluded, the initial lead surgeon took the lead in applauding her. He then commented sincerely, “In all the years I’ve been practicing medicine, I’ve never seen such superb medical skills besides those of top-notch professors. May I know your name and your workplace? I’d like to take the liberty to invite you to take up a position as a consultant or visiting professor at our hospital. You can come whenever you’re free to give us some pointers.”

“Hear, hear! You were simply incredible!”

“You were brisk and resolute without the slightest superfluity!”

“What a pity that we have to submit an application beforehand to film an operation in the operating theatre. Otherwise, it’d be great as learning material!”

Natalie was a tad perturbed by the scene unfolding before her eyes then. This is precisely why I dislike receiving any recognition. After all, when there’s much attention, many things that should be simple becomes complicated.

“I’ve got no time.” Subsequently, she instructed coldly, “The operation is over. Take good care of the patient.” After saying that, she left the operating theater without a backward glance, only leaving a rapidly retreating back.

Snapping back to their senses, the doctors started concentrating on wrapping things up.

When Natalie exited the operating theater, there was still blood on her.

Bridger didn’t recognize her in a surgical gown at first, but after a few more looks, he still identified her. Immediately, he shouted in a sharp voice, “It’s you, Natalie? When did you sneak into the operating theater? And what did you do to my son? Does the blood on you belong to Jerry? Did you take his life?”

Natalie’s expression turned frosty. She didn’t even bother wasting her breath, merely continuing to stalk forward.

Upon receiving no reaction from her, Bridger and Jada’s tempers spiked. The two of them stepped in front of Natalie and spread their arms wide with obstinate expressions on their faces.

“Move aside! I don’t have anything to say to you both!” Natalie removed the goggles she was wearing. At once, a bone-deep chill shot out of her eyes.

“My son only ended up in such a condition in an attempt to save you! Never mind that you’re not grateful, but do you even have a medical license? You masqueraded as a doctor and sneaked into the emergency room to harm Jerry! I want to sue this hospital and the doctors!” Jada declared in a shrill voice.

Natalie was dead tired after the car accident and operation. Her lingerie underneath the surgical gown had long since been drenched with sweat.

She wanted to rest for a bit, but she never expected Bridger and Jada to be so relentless.

She remembered Jerry’s plea before he lost consciousness, so she showed them both a great deal of patience. However, that didn’t mean that she had infinite empathy and compassion to the extent that she was unbothered when someone was walking all over her.

“You’ve already ruined Olivia, and now, you want to make a move against Jerry! How wicked of you!” Like a shrew, Jada thrust a finger into Natalie’s face and berated, “Just you wait, Natalie! I’ll never let you off the hook if you want to destroy my two children!”

Snapping, Natalie bellowed, “Shut up! You’ll never let me off the hook, huh? How are you going to do that? Olivia’s court case is still pending, and this car accident is also exceedingly suspicious. Don’t challenge my patience here!”

Her words were brief and concise, yet they hit Bridger right where it hurt.

He was all too clear about the cause of the car accident. Conversely, Jada, who was entirely ignorant about the secret behind the car accident, lost her sanity completely when something happened to both her son and daughter at the same time. She started getting physical with Natalie.

Her eyes blazing scarlet, she raised her hand to swing it at Natalie hard.

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