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A Cue for Love Chapter 992

A Cue for Love Chapter 992

Vouched By A Mysterious Person

By the time the ambulance arrived at the hospital, Jerry gradually started losing consciousness.

When he was wheeled into the emergency room, he had already slipped into a coma.

Natalie sat on the bench outside the emergency room. As she stared at the lights above the emergency room, she prayed silently that the proud and righteous young man would overcome that hurdle safely.

Almost half an hour passed, but the lights above the emergency room remained lit.

Natalie started growing restless, wondering whether she should talk to the doctor and ask to enter the emergency room to help check on Jerry’s condition.

At that precise moment, a flurry of footsteps swiftly neared her.

A pair of shiny men’s leather shoes and a pair of pearly white high heels entered her line of sight.

She lifted her head, her gaze moving upward to a middle-aged man and woman before her. They were none other than Jerry’s parents, Bridger and Jada.

“How’s Jerry?” Jada asked frantically, her face drained of all color.

“He’s still in the emergency room. He was hit by a car and sustained severe injuries,” Natalie answered frankly.

Jada stumbled back several steps, her eyes brimming with grief and despair. “That’s impossible… My son was perfectly fine at home about an hour ago. How could… how could such a thing have happened?”

“Natalie Nichols, it was because he wanted to save you, yes? It was all because of you that he was hit by a car! You’re a jinx! I’ll never let you off the hook if anything happens to my son!” Bridger thundered.

When Jada heard that, she promptly stopped sobbing. In a shrill voice, she snarled, “I was just wondering why my son would suddenly get into a car accident out of the blue! It turned out that everything had to do with you! You’ve already put Olivia into prison! Must you also destroy my son?”

Supporting the woman who was unsteady on her feet, Bridger likewise barked furiously beside her, “I’ll never let this matter slide, Natalie! You’d better pray hard that Jerry is fine. Otherwise, the Jones family will battle you to the bitter end even if it means everything we have!”

Natalie alternated her gaze between Bridger and Jada.

I can’t tell yet whether she’s aware of the cause of the car accident, but he definitely knows. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have immediately said that Jerry only sustained severe injuries to save me when I said that Jerry was knocked down by a car.

“Really?” Sweeping a sharp gaze over the shouting and shrieking couple, she stated in an icy voice, “You’re at the hospital here, and your son is still in the emergency room. Can you keep it down?”

Bridger and Jada were both struck dumb.

The look in Natalie’s eyes was frosty, and there were blood stains on her face. The aura emanating from her was so strong that they both went silent at once.

“Zip it if you want your son to live.”

After warning them, she stood up and went to the doctor to discuss the possibility of allowing her into the emergency room.

She lacked a medical license to practice modern medicine, so the rules stipulated that she wasn’t allowed to enter the emergency room. Initially, she thought that she would have to convince the doctor at length, but the doctor swiftly agreed to her request after she told him about her intention.

A touch puzzled, Natalie asked with a frown, “Are your regulations so lackadaisical?”

Nudging his glasses on the bridge of his nose, the middle-aged doctor explained, “It’s not that our regulations are lackadaisical. It’s because someone went to the Director and vouched for you. If anything happens, he and our director will take responsibility for the entire matter.”

“What?” Natalie couldn’t believe her ears. She then pressed, “Who was it? Who went to your director?”

However, the doctor shook his head. “I don’t know the specifics. If your medical skills are really as superb as our director described, you’d best go into the emergency room and operate on that young man as soon as possible since his condition is critical.”

Putting her curiosity away, Natalie sprinted into the emergency room after a series of disinfection procedures.

No sooner had she stepped in than she saw the young man who protected her lying on the operating table with a pale face and eyes closed right then.

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