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A Cue for Love Chapter 991

A Cue for Love Chapter 991

Do Not Feel Like Helping Samuel

The car only stopped for a few seconds. Realizing that he had knocked someone down, the driver hastily made a sharp turn and fled at lightning speed.

In the dark night, only two dazzling taillights cutting across the air were visible.

Natalie hadn’t the presence of mind to care about the hit-and-run car. Instead, she lowered her head and stared at the young man lying on the ground.

Jerry’s face was rubbed raw, and blood trickled out of the corner of his mouth.

“Uh… Fortunately… I made it in time…” Jerry muttered laboriously.

“What do you mean?” Frowning deeply, Natalie ordered, “It’s best that you don’t say anything right now. It’s uncertain yet whether you have broken bones or internal injuries. I’m going to call for an ambulance immediately to send you to the hospital for a comprehensive checkup.”

However, Jerry seemingly turned a deaf ear to her. He continued stuttering, “Let my father… off the hook…”

“What do you mean, Jerry?” Natalie questioned, narrowing her eyes a fraction.

“P-Please… let my father off the hook…” As Jerry spoke, he vomited blood. Nonetheless, he grabbed her sleeve weakly, his eyes brimming with obstinacy and imploration. “Have mercy on him… I beg you…”

Closing her eyes, Natalie took two deep breaths.

The car accident was strange in the first place.

Coupled with the man’s pleading at that moment, she instantly discerned the culprit behind the car accident.

When she opened her eyes again, she stated mildly, “I can’t promise you that right now.”

The light in Jerry’s eyes dimmed. “You—”

In a cold voice, Natalie intoned, “Have your wounds treated first, Jerry. I’ll promise you that after you’ve had your checkup. Otherwise, forget about it.”

Jerry was racked with pain, so he could only give up in the face of her unfathomable gaze.

The sudden car accident had the scene plunging into chaos. Ten minutes later, the police and ambulance arrived.

Natalie cooperated with the medical personnel to transport Jerry into the ambulance before she climbed in by supporting herself against the door.

“Who are you?”

Knowing that the medical personnel wanted to inquire about her relationship with Jerry, Natalie answered without even thinking about it. “His sister. I’m his sister. He got hurt because of me, so I’d like to accompany him to the hospital.”

Upon hearing that, the medical personnel allowed her to accompany Jerry to the hospital.

Jerry was strapped to the stretcher, but he was still conscious then. He heard the conversation between Natalie and the medical personnel loud and clear. He grew indescribably conflicted.

If Father and Olivia hadn’t committed all those mistakes, perhaps we could really have been siblings without blood ties. But now… the thought is wonderful, yet it can never come to pass anymore.

Meanwhile, Samuel was drinking a herbal concoction at Pendant Hall.

When Jesper handed it to him, he could sense its bitterness just by the mere sight and smell of it.

Yet, when he took it, it was as though he had lost his sense of taste. In the blink of an eye, he downed the bowl of inky black herbal concoction in one go.

Jesper was entirely stupefied.

“I’ve finished it.” Conversely, Samuel handed the bowl back to him without any expression on his face.

He cherished his life greatly, more than ever before. As long as he could live a day longer and spend a day more with Natalie, he was willing to attempt and accept any medicine and treatment, no matter the bitterness and agony.

Jesper took the bowl with both hands. Just then, he received a call.

After the phone call, he quickly reported to Samuel, “Mr. Bowers, Ms. Nichols met with a car accident just now!”

“What?” Samuel’s gaze abruptly went icy, and his expression turned as black as thunder.

“Fortunately, the heir of the Jones family, Jerry Jones, rushed out and shoved Ms. Nichols away a moment before the car hit her. His injuries are rather severe, and he’s currently being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Ms. Nichols is keeping him company.” Jesper told the man everything in detail.

“I’m going to the hospital!” Samuel couldn’t remain calm. He sprang up from his chair.

“Mr. Bowers, are you…?” Sure?

Gazing at the man’s rapidly retreating back, Jesper heaved a sigh inwardly.

He’s usually calm and unruffled, but when it comes to matters pertaining to Natalie, his rationality is all but gone.

All of a sudden, he didn’t feel like helping Samuel to hide his identity. Although the latter was doing it for Natalie’s good, even he, an outsider, couldn’t bear it to see the man shouldering everything alone.

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