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A Cue for Love Chapter 982

A Cue for Love Chapter 982

Courage Test

Not long after they ran into the escape room on the right, the room lit up.

It was decorated to resemble a classroom. On the walls near the ceiling was a neat row of pictures of female students, who were all smiling.

However, the photos were all in white and black, and it was as if they were the memorial photos of the students.

The inside of the room was still creepy, but the white artificial light helped to alleviate the players’ fear and allowed them to breathe a sigh of relief.

“Thank you,” said the young woman whose hand Jerome was holding.

Jerome instantly realized that it was not Natalie’s voice, and a shocked look flashed past his eyes.

On the other hand, a shy blush crept onto the young woman’s face, and she held Jerome’s hand in return. “I was so scared earlier. I’m glad that you were holding my hand just now—”

Jerome swiftly let go of her hand and icily interrupted her, “Sorry. I thought you were someone else.”

With that said, he spun around to look for Natalie, but his efforts were to no avail.

Jerome frowned.

It must have been too dark earlier, so the two of us went into separate rooms.

Jerome wanted to head back the way he came from, but he found out that the door had closed behind them when they entered.

Frustration rose in his chest, and he clenched his fist and punched the wall.

In truth, he was not interested in escape rooms at all.

All he wanted was more time with Natalie.

The only thing he could do at that moment was to find the clues and quickly reunite with Natalie.

In the meantime, the left room was still shrouded in darkness. Moreover, sounds of crows cawing and wind blowing came from one of the speakers in the room.

Even though Natalie could not see her surroundings that well, she could sense that there were four to five people who had entered the room.

“Why is it so dark? How are we going to play this when it’s so dark?”

“This is terrifying! I don’t want to play this anymore! Can I go out now?”

“You’ve already paid for this. Won’t you be losing out if you leave now? Don’t be scared! Everything’s fake!”

Frankly, Natalie was not afraid of the special effects at all. She knew well that, no matter how real they seemed, they were still fake.

As a matter of fact, the dim lighting and the uncanny atmosphere sharpened her senses.

Natalie could sense that the hand holding hers seemed familiar, but she also knew that the hand did not belong to Jerome.

Thoughts that she usually did not have flashed past her mind at that moment.

She was going to find out whether or not her guess was right.

“Jerome, I’m so scared…”

Despite the sly glint in her eyes, Natalie’s voice was as shaky as that of someone who had been frightened out of her wits.

“Could you hug me?”

A storm began brewing in the eyes of the man holding her while conflicting feelings began seeping into the man’s chest.

He only risked getting exposed because he did not wish for Natalie to have any physical contact with Jerome.

Samuel was praying that she would not recognize him, but when he heard her calling Jerome’s name and seeking his consolation, he could feel the jealousy in him threatening to escape from his chest.

Everything was going according to plan, but he could not even feel a tinge of happiness.

As Natalie remained standing in her spot, she could feel the man tightening his grasp on her hand. He was using much force, almost as if he would only stop after crushing her hand.

Instead of crying out in pain, Natalie sighed inwardly.

So you still don’t want to admit to it? You still want to keep this going?

“Jerome… do you not want to?” Natalie lowered her eyes, sounding upset.

When Natalie noticed that the man was still forcibly holding himself back, she curled her lips.

Still keeping up with the act?

In the next second, Natalie hugged the man beside her and pressed her face against his muscular chest. At the same time, she wrapped her soft arms around his waist.

The moment she hugged the man, she could feel his entire body stiffen.

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