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A Cue for Love Chapter 751

A Cue for Love Chapter 751

Secret Is Out

Before Natalie could return to her senses completely, another two old men kneeled down.

When they saw Miguel kneeling on the ground, the other two elders followed suit. They both shared the same emotional pain and the same heartache.

“Please agree to it, Mr. Samuel.”

“Please agree to it, Mr. Samuel.”

It was clear that the three elders were doing that to force Samuel to agree.

Natalie instantly felt troubled. The thirty minutes she said was just an estimation. However, she didn’t expect the elders to be so rigid that they were counting the minutes using the watch.

“You all should get up first. You just need to wait a few more minutes before you can meet Old Mr. Bowers,” she informed.

Miguel was furious when he heard that. He turned toward Natalie and exclaimed, “You made us wait for thirty minutes, and now you want us to wait even longer? It’s certainly impressive that you managed to make Mr. Samuel listen to you. However, it’s unwise to keep pushing people’s limits. Otherwise, you’ll end up burning all the bridges!”

“In that case, you better remember everything you just said.” There wasn’t any make-up on her clean, plain face. However, the oppressive aura she emitted couldn’t be ignored.

There was a resolute look in Miguel’s eyes as he replied firmly, “I’m already one foot inside the coffin. You don’t need to threaten me nor will I be threatened by you. I stand by what I said earlier. This is something that Mr. Samuel promised me before, and now, he still hasn’t fulfilled his promise. So, you can’t marry her!”

“You don’t need to worry. I’ll fulfill our promise.” Samuel countered apathetically, “I’ll hand over my position when she’s willing to marry me.”

“You!” There was fury in Miguel’s eyes.

The crowd was shocked again upon hearing that.

They couldn’t help but wonder if his principles and morality were customized for Natalie.

Power and beauty had always been a dilemma. When it was Samuel’s turn to choose, it seemed like he didn’t hesitate at all.

“That’s crazy!”

“He’s clearly protecting and pampering her!”

“If that woman wants a star in the sky, he’ll probably find a way to pluck it for her.”

“And he said he wasn’t interested in women in the past. Not only is he interested in one now, but he’s also treating his wife as if she was his life.”

Natalie was a little shocked when she heard that because she thought Samuel would still at least give some respect to the elders. I didn’t expect him to say whatever he wanted without any consideration of their feelings.

Miguel was livid as he continued, “Mr. Samuel, this is—”

Before he could finish, an old, hoarse voice cut off his sentence. “Stop talking, Miguel! Natalie is my benefactor!”

The sudden voice instantly silenced the entire hall.

The crowd stared intensely at the old man walking out of the door. He was wearing a deep blue outfit and was holding a crutch. While he was walking slower than usual, he was undoubtedly Kenneth himself!

Their line of sight kept shifting back and forth between the posthumous picture in the hall and his face. If Natalie didn’t tell them that Kenneth was still alive, they would’ve thought he had risen from the dead.

Miguel stared at Kenneth with disbelief, his eyes turning red.

How could he not be bewildered when the person he thought was dead appeared right in front of him?

He opened his trembling mouth and spoke in a tone of disbelief. “Is this a disguise technique? That woman… She knows the art of disguise. Maybe she found a person and make them wear a mask…”

Kenneth scoffed at Miguel. “Open your eyes and take a good look at who I am. If you don’t believe me, that’s fine too. I know there are seven red moles on the left side of your buttocks. When you finally became a couple with your first love, she handed you a pregnancy report and wanted you to be her child’s father. When you were thirty, you were so horny that you were seduced by a woman from the outside and almost divorced your wife. You only changed your mind after I had a long talk with you.”

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