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A Cue for Love Chapter 750

A Cue for Love Chapter 750

 A Plague

He’s right! He does sound kind of harsh, but it’s the truth. The rest of the crowd agreed with Miguel.

Meanwhile, Samuel continued to hold the woman’s hand in his, not too tightly but with a slight squeeze.

He had always trusted her since the day Kenneth ‘died.’ Even if everyone else now thought she was spouting lies, the man still believed in her.

Natalie cleared her throat. “You’re right. He’s putting his reputation at stake by choosing to defend me, but that’s exactly why I won’t let him down. If you want to see Old Mr. Bowers in person, that’s absolutely possible. But it’s a bit of a long journey, so you’ll have to wait thirty minutes for him to get here. Until then, please be patient. The truth will reveal itself in half an hour.”

Hearing that, Miguel stroked his beard again and nodded. “Fine. If it’s half an hour, so be it! We’ll all be here waiting, but I hope you can promise me one thing, Mr. Samuel.”

“He’s talking to you.” Natalie signaled Samuel.

“What is it, Mr. Miguel? Do tell.”

“If Mr. Kenneth is indeed alive, we elders shall apologize sincerely to Ms. Nichols. However…” Miguel paused briefly before he continued, “If this turns out to be a complete, elaborate hoax, I hope you can differentiate between what’s right and wrong. Promise me that you’ll never let this woman become the lady of the household.”

The elderly man sounded particularly earnest as he spoke with a pained expression, but Natalie only felt like punching him.

I just want to let them know that he’s still alive. I don’t care if they think I’m a lunatic, but now, they’re even using me as a gamble? If that isn’t enough, they’re also trying to get Samuel to treat me like a mistress just because they’re afraid of p*ssing him off!

She glanced at Samuel at that thought.

Yet, the man’s gaze turned dark, and he replied unhesitatingly, “I promise you.”

Natalie tensed up. Did he agree because he trusts me that much? Or is it because he’s actually thinking of just keeping me as a mistress while officially marrying someone else?

The crowd was just as astonished as she was. Never had they expected him to agree so readily.

Time ticked away as everyone remained in wait.

Despite waiting of their own accord, they all found this whole ordeal beyond absurd.

The dead can never come back to life, yet this man is abusing his authority by constantly defending this vixen! Who is she to tell us that Mr. Kenneth is still alive when we clearly watched him die?

Time was ticking by.

Over twenty minutes had passed, and half an hour would soon be up.

Miguel got up from his seat again and walked toward Samuel with a cane. “It’s been thirty minutes, but there’s still no sign of Kenneth.”

Having run out of patience, the old man began to flare up as he roared, “I must’ve gone senile to have agreed to such a preposterous request! Thirty minutes! Thank goodness it was just thirty minutes instead of three hours! A dead man will never come back to life whether it’s thirty minutes, three hours, or three days later.

This is utterly disrespectful toward everyone who wasted their time and Kenneth! Now, I know you’re not going to appreciate hearing this, Mr. Samuel, but this is for your own good. I hope you don’t go back on your word. I can’t stop you from liking her, but you have your responsibilities as the patriarch. You can’t keep being unreasonable just because of your children and personal feelings!”

As he spoke, Miguel tossed his cane aside and prostrated himself before Samuel.

“Please keep your word, Mr. Samuel!”

Natalie was speechless. Why does it feel like this geezer just thinks of me as a plague?

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