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A Cue for Love Chapter 698

A Cue for Love Chapter 698

 The Crisis Of Dream

Yandel furrowed his brows. “Boss, I told you not to come here. You can call us over the phone if there is anything! Ross and I will take care of the company! We will settle everything!”

This was the first time Yandel spoke so rudely to Natalie.

Even Ross was stunned as he quickly put his arm around Yandel’s shoulders. “Hey, mind your words!”

“Does Samuel know you’re here?” Yandel shook Ross off him and frowned. “How could he let you come here? Is he out of his mind? We will handle things from here. Get Samuel to fetch you back now!”

It had been two days and one night since Yandel had a wink of sleep. Hence, he had bloodshot eyes and dark and heavy eyebags.

Even Lia and Ross were placed in a tough spot as the situation gradually spiraled out of hand.

“Mr. Moss is right.” Ross adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses and said earnestly. “You should just go home.”

Lia handed Natalie a towel and nodded in agreement.

Natalie shot the three of them a look and replied, “I’ve already been thrown rotten eggs and veggies on my way here. If I return home now, everything would have been for naught.”

The three of them stared at Natalie in utter disbelief.

“Lia, lend me a set of clean clothes…”

“Ross, make me a cup of coffee with milk but no sugar, please. Also, please throw in some cookies…”

“Yandel, please lend me the washroom in your private lounge. I want to take a shower…”

However, the three of them stayed still.

Natalie frowned and asked, “Is it hard to understand what I just said?”


“Then get on to it.” Natalie smiled. “Hurry up.”


Yandel was the only one left as Ross and Lia left her office.

“Boss, I…”

Yandel was about to say something more, but Natalie cut him off. “It will take me about forty minutes to clean myself up and have some coffee. So you only have forty minutes to take a nap. Cherish every single minute of it because we will be facing a tough battle.

Yandel felt deeply touched by her words.

After a brief moment, he nodded vigorously. “Yes, Boss!”

It took Natalie approximately forty minutes to clean herself up, change into a fresh set of clothes sent by Lia, and drink her coffee. Yandel woke up from his nap exactly forty minutes later.

The four of them started to discuss their strategy in Natalie’s office.

“Have you investigated our research and the manufacturer? Is there any problem?” Natalie asked.

“No,” Ross spoke in a firm tone. “I’m well aware of how important this drug is to our patients. I’ve supervised everything closely and performed quality checks on our product from the day we started our research to the day it was launched. I even went back to investigate when the incident happened but found nothing.”

“Okay. We will continue supplying the drug then,” Natalie said decisively. “It’s up to the patients if they want to purchase it. However, our drugs will need to be on the shelves for those who need them.”


As the director of R&D, Ross was well aware of how much pressure and accusation Natalie would face for making such a call. Indeed, it was a drug that could save lives. It might be the last hope for families who couldn’t afford other forms of treatment.

Natalie turned to Lia and said, “You’re bound to lose your reputation if you carry on with this…”

“I’ve given it some thought. Public opinion has gotten out of control. Our drug has caused the death of some of our patients, but many are still benefiting from the drug. I will set up a positive…”

“No need.” Natalie crossed out Lia’s plan.

“What do you mean?”

Natalie gave Lia a look. “These people didn’t die by chance. There’s either a traitor among us or someone out there is trying to get us. They wanted to place Dream in the middle of the storm. Any plan you come up with will only give them the chance to attack us. What you need to do now is…”

Natalie toyed with her gold pen and smiled.

“Act as if you don’t give a da*n.”

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