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A Cue for Love Chapter 696

A Cue for Love Chapter 696

Face It

“Ok, got it.” Natalie was standing right beside Yandel. She heard everything his assistant said.

“The drug has been tested many times before the launch. Moreover, we have kept a record of all the written reports.” Yandel’s face darkened. “This might have happened by chance. Let’s stop circulating the drug for now and wait for the reports of the autopsies. It just might clear our name.”

Natalie nodded.

“Let’s not stop the circulation of these drugs for now.” Natalie gave it some thought and said. “Some patients might be at the peak of their treatment. We might disrupt their treatment if we stop selling these drugs suddenly. There are only very few cases of death for now. Why don’t you cooperate with the police and give them whatever they need for the investigation? I trust you, and I trust Ross too.”

Yandel nodded. He understood that Natalie was taking a huge risk by doing so. However, they might crush the hope of a patient’s family if they cut off the drug supply.

“I’ll keep you up to date with the latest progress.”


Three days later.

News of patients dying all of a sudden after taking Dream’s anti-cancer drug popped up all over the internet. The number grew from 2 cases on the first day to 11 cases.

Natalie saw Dream Corporation’s entrance being surrounded by a huge group of people on her way to work.

An angry crowd held banners and boards up in the air and shouted, “Heartless pharmaceutical company!” “Pay with your lives!”

“What anti-cancer drugs? Rubbish! Heartless pharmaceutical company! Heartless boss!”

“Come and face us! A life for a life. Give me my son back!”

“I bought the drug because I trusted you. But now, I’ve dug my daughter’s grave.”

“We demand an explanation!”

“You heartless pharmaceutical company! Just close down and go to hell!”

The whole place was filled with verbal attacks.

Natalie stared at the families of the victims from the backseat of her car. Her eyes gradually lost focus as she thought long and hard about the situation.

“Shall we go home?” Samuel held Natalie’s hand. “Listen to me. The situation has spiraled out of hand. What you can do now is to acclimate yourself and find an opportunity to clear your name.”

However, Natalie pulled her hand out from Samuel’s grip.


“Don’t be stubborn.” Samuel frowned and said in a low voice. “You know very well that I’m right.”

“You’re right. I will do as you say, but…” Natalie looked Samuel in the eye and replied firmly. “I won’t be a deserter and hide under your wings while I get things done. I’m the founder of Dream Corporation. I made the call to launch the drug and continue its sales. Hence, I will face the music head-on no matter what. I can’t let my team members face this alone.”

Her eyes shone with determination as she spoke.

There was nothing he could say to change her mind.

“Remove your hyper-realistic mask…” Samuel said coldly.

“No.” Natalie covered her face and said. “I will be no different from a deserter if I remove my mask now. I hate deserters. I won’t have respect for myself if I turn into that kind of person.”


Samuel was about to say something more when Natalie wrapped her arms around him and kissed him hard on the lips.

She then got down from the car and made her way toward the crowd while Samuel was still stunned.


Samuel howled from behind her. However, she never looked back.

Natalie slowly made her way toward Dream Corporation’s entrance.

The families of the dead had dug out everything about Dream Corporation. Hence, they were able to recognize Natalie at first glance.

“Everyone, look! This woman is the chairwoman of Dream Corporation!”

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