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A Cue for Love Chapter 694

A Cue for Love Chapter 694

Too Dangerous

The Bowers residence was filled with laughter even though they were celebrating a belated birthday.

Natalie cut the cake patiently and serve the kids.

The faces of her four young children were smeared with white buttercream as they dug in. Well, they were only five years old after all.

Natalie wiped their faces clean with a wet towel after that.

Tears welled up in Sophia’s eyes when it was her turn. Natalie couldn’t help but ask, “Sophia, what’s wrong?”

“This is the first time I get to spend my birthday with you!” Tears rolled down Sophia’s cheeks as she spoke. She smiled through her tears. “This feels like a dream. But the best part of it is that I know it’s not because it hurts when I pinch myself.”

Natalie felt a pang of sadness as Sophia spoke her mind.

“I’m sorry for not being there for you all this while.” Natalie smiled. “But I promise I will always be there for you from here on out.”

Sophia nodded. “Okay!”

Franklin, Xavian, and Clayton surrounded Sophia.

Franklin reached out and wiped her tears away. “Sophia, don’t cry. It’s a joyful day today.”

“Yeah! You have Mommy, me and Xavian now!” Clayton said softly. “Is that right, Xavian?”

“Yeah! We will stand up for you if anyone ever bullies you in the future! We won’t let them off so easily!”

Sophia broke into a smile and nodded her head vigorously. “Yes!”

Kenneth held on to his cane and watched Natalie interact with her four kids. He couldn’t help but narrow his eyes.

Kenneth thought Natalie and Yara looked exactly alike even though he knew they were twin sisters.

Nonetheless, he began to see the differences between Natalie and Yara after observing them for some time. They had different auras. Natalie always remained calm and composed as opposed to Yara’s meek and gentle nature.

Kenneth knew that Samuel had always been very picky when it comes to his partner, and Natalie was living proof.

On the other hand, Samuel and Steven stood by and watched the heartwarming scene.

Steven swirled his wine glass and said through gritted teeth, “Sam, how come you never told me about this?

“What’s the rush?” Samuel gave it some thought and replied casually.

“No way! I even felt sorry for you because I thought your future wife looked ugly. I wouldn’t have known that she was such an exquisite beauty if not for today. Yara looked like a fake even though they’re twin sisters!” Steven couldn’t help but exclaim.

“This is exactly why I never told anyone about it.” Samuel took a sip of his wine.


“I only want her for myself.” Samuel glanced at Steven. “I wish she would never take that mask off if possible. That way, it will dissuade some of her suitors.”

Steven was rendered speechless.

He just smiled, sipped his wine, and shook his head.

He never imagined that the cold and ruthless Samuel would be so possessive of Natalie. It was as if it was deeply ingrained into his mind.

Samuel would be fine as long as Natalie was by his side. However, it would be the end for him if anything happens to Natalie.

His love for her was too deep and too dangerous.

Meanwhile, Yara was reporting her progress over the phone.

“Yara, I’m running out of patience here. When can Dexmed Pharmaceutical take over Dream??


“Remember this, I don’t waste time and resources on useless people,” the man spoke in a cold voice.

“King, please give me one more chance…” A look of pure hatred flashed across her face. “I won’t let you down this time around!”

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