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A Cue for Love Chapter 1007

A Cue for Love Chapter 1007

Acting Big

Samuel casually tucked one hand into his pants pocket and tried to peep at the expression on Natalie’s face.

Unfortunately, Yandel didn’t know any better. He assumed Samuel wanted to play the pity card and take Natalie away again.

Since he was a little shorter than Samuel, Yandel stood on his tip toes and bellowed, “Stop looking! As long as I’m here today, you’re not allowed to take Boss away!”

Natalie witnessed how much effort Yandel was putting in and grinned from ear to ear.

Is Yandel trying to act big because he knows he isn’t imposing enough?

All that aside, Natalie knew Yandel and Lia genuinely cared for her and wanted to protect her. Not wanting the misunderstanding to worsen, she slowly walked toward Samuel and held his hand with their fingers intertwined, much to the horror of her subordinates.

“Boss, what are you doing?” Yandel asked frantically.

Lia, too, had confusion written all over her face. “Ms. Nichols, I thought you and him had—”

“We’ve made up,” Natalie announced as she lifted their interlocked hands and waved. “What happened before was all a misunderstanding, and we’ve talked things through. Furthermore, he and I have signed the marriage certificate at the city hall yesterday. I’m now officially Mrs. Bowers.”

Yandel and Lia gasped in unison almost immediately.


“I know it’s sudden,” Natalie said smilingly. “But I’ve given it a lot of thought, and this is a decision I’ll never regret. Not now, not ever. After all, he’s the only person I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

Natalie’s attitude toward love was the same as the one she had for work.

She was open and straightforward, and once she had made up her mind about any matter, she wouldn’t run or hide from it.

After digesting the bombshell news that Natalie had dropped on them, Yandel and Lia finally decided to respect her decision.

Yandel had worked under Natalie for the longest time and witnessed how she single-handedly brought Dream Corporation to the heights it was at today. He had no doubt she had sacrificed and suffered a lot to achieve that level of success.

Now that she was finally with someone she loved, he couldn’t help but have mixed feelings about it.

Despite that, he was still mostly happy for her.

“Boss, congratulations on your wedding,” Yandel said sincerely. “Even though you haven’t asked for any, I think it’s only right that I give you a wedding gift. Besides, I’m older than you, and given our relationship, it does feel like I’m marrying my sister off. The gift is a must!”

“Wedding gift?” Natalie blurted out, totally taken aback by Yandel’s offer.

“Yes. Give me a minute.”

Without further ado, Yandel rushed to his office and returned with a key that he promptly placed in Natalie’s hand.

“What’s this key for?” the latter asked curiously.

“It’s a key to a safety deposit box in Golden Horizon Bank,” Yandel replied with a smile. “I’ve kept some antiques and jewelry in it for you. I know you don’t care about gifts, but take this as my token of appreciation. It’s also my way of showing you that you’ll always have me on your side.”

After hearing Yandel’s explanation, Natalie suddenly felt the key grow increasingly heavy.

The items in the safety deposit box weren’t the most valuable to her. Instead, it was the love and support that Yandel had for her.

“Thank you,” Natalie choked out. Although her eyes were welling up with tears, her lips had curled into a smile. “I’ll gladly accept them.”

Yandel laughed as he nodded his approval. “Thank goodness. You’d have put me in a spot if you didn’t accept them!”

Unlike Yandel, Lia hadn’t prepared anything for Natalie. Feeling somewhat sheepish, she blurted out, “Ms. Nichols, I—”

However, before she could finish her words, Natalie interrupted with a chuckle, “Lia, your warmest congratulations are all I need. You’re my right-hand woman who’s stood by me all these years. You don’t have to stand on ceremony with me.”

Lia’s eyes lit up at that, and she immediately pulled Natalie into a hug. “Don’t mind me for not addressing you formally. Natalie, congratulations on your marriage registration! May the years ahead be full of love and happiness!”

Realizing how huggable Natalie was, Lia refused to let go.

With his wife getting hugged by someone else for so long, Samuel got annoyed and cleared his throat.


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