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A Cue for Love Chapter 1002

A Cue for Love Chapter 1002

I Will Hug My Husband

“Thank you,” Natalie exclaimed as she accepted the marriage certificate, eyes lighting up with joy. Yes, from today onward, I’m officially Mrs. Bowers!

Samuel, who was just as pleased to hear her new title, turned to the staff. “Someone will drop by later to reward you.”

Naturally, the city hall staff was bewildered. He had helped countless couples with their marriage registrations, but never once did he receive any rewards or gifts from them.

When Samuel left with Natalie in his arms, the staff merely felt happy for the newlyweds and shrugged off the earlier comment.

However, just as the city hall was nearing its closing time, Jesper showed up with a thick wad of cash, much to the staff’s surprise and delight. Oh, my goodness! It’s more than eighty thousand! Isn’t this reward far too generous?

Meanwhile, Samuel and Natalie had made a beeline for Pendant Hall as soon as they left the city hall.

Even though their ordeal in the hospital had left them feeling hungry, they chose not to order takeout.

Instead, Samuel went into the kitchen and whipped up two plates of creamy tomato pasta. After adding a sprinkle of garnishes, he brought them out to the dining table for Natalie and himself.

Natalie hadn’t tried Samuel’s cooking in a long time, and since she was feeling hungrier by the second, she immediately picked up her fork and dug into the pasta.

Samuel, however, took his own sweet time with the food. He wasn’t overly fond of pasta, but he loved seeing how much Natalie enjoyed herself.

Despite eating in a hurry, she was still pretty and poised to the point where Samuel could never get tired of looking at her.

Soon, the two of them finished their pasta.

Natalie wanted to return Samuel’s favor by washing the dishes, but before she could even get up from her seat, the latter placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Be good and stay here,” he said in his deep, magnetic voice. “Your arm is still injured. Besides, now that you’re my wife, how can I let you ruin your beautiful hands with dishwashing liquid?”

Unable to get a word in edgeways, Natalie had no choice but to watch Samuel grab the tableware and walk steadily back into the kitchen.

That said, she had to admit the sweet gesture left her feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Natalie couldn’t help but take another look at the marriage certificate. With this, I’m officially Mrs. Bowers. I can spend the rest of my life with him!

Alas, at the thought of that, Natalie suddenly felt a sharp pain pierce her heart. It hurt so much that even breathing became a painful chore.

The poison in Samuel’s body was undoubtedly odd and complex. In fact, it was unlike anything she had encountered before. Although she had learned her skills from Malcolm and Arnold and was considered exceptionally gifted, she was still nowhere as experienced or skillful as them.

Back then, not even Master had a cure for it, so how would I be able to come up with something better? Oh, sh*t, does that mean Samuel only has half a year to live? I know his love for me is true. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have protected me from that aging drug.

The more Natalie thought about it, the more her heart ached. Without further ado, she walked into the kitchen and hugged the man who was still busy doing dishes.

One thing was for sure—Samuel had a good physique. His waist was toned and sculpted, with barely any excess fat. His body even had a faint, woodsy scent that Natalie found inexplicably comforting.

The moment Samuel felt her hugging him, his body suddenly tensed up.

“What’s the matter, Nat?”

“Stop asking,” Natalie mumbled. “I just want to hug my husband. You can carry on doing the dishes. I won’t get in your way.”

Samuel’s gaze darkened as he replied hoarsely, “But I can’t wash them properly with you like this.”

Natalie instantly puffed out her cheeks. “What do you mean by that? I’m only hugging your waist, not your arms! Why can’t you wash the dishes?”

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