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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 895

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 895

Arielle was caught off guard by Vinson suddenly taking the lead.

When she snapped out of her shock, Arielle realized that Vinson was already on top of her.

She felt his full weight on her as he started to reciprocate her kiss.

She let out a low moan.

However, the moan only served to ignite a burning lust inside the man.

He pressed harder down on her lips.

“Vin—” Her words turned muffled from Vinson’s kiss.

Their bodies were in close proximity, and Arielle could clearly feel the changes in his body.

She felt her cheeks burn upon realizing the effect she had on him.

But we’re in a car, and Rayson is sitting right in front!

Abashed and afraid at the same time, Arielle grew more anxious as she feared that Rayson might be able to hear them.

However, Vinson seemed to not share the same sentiment as he continued to kiss her. His hands were straying further up her thighs.

Soon, his hand touched Arielle where she had not been touched before.

The latter stiffened in response as she unconsciously clamped her legs tight.

She grew exasperated as she pushed against Vinson’s chest. “Vinson, no!”

Is he crazyRayson is right out front!

“Don’t worry, he won’t be able to see us,” Vinson whispered into her ears.

His hot breath made Arielle tingle.

She tried hard to keep her composure, albeit her face had already turned crimson red. “But he will be able to hear us…”

“Don’t worry. He doesn’t have the guts to listen in.”

Vinson smirked and kissed her again.

However, the car came to a halt right then.

Rayson’s voice rang. “Mr. Nightshire, we’re here.”

Vinson’s face sank as he cursed under his breath.

Arielle sat upright as she straightened out her ruffled hair.

When she was done, Rayson opened the car door to let

her out.

“Ms. Moore, this way.” Rayson opened the door for Arielle but was met with Vinson’s death glare.

The frigid stare made the smile on Rayson’s face falter.

What’s the matter? Oh God… What have I done

The next second, Vinson’s cold voice rang. “Your next year-end bonus is gone too.”

The befuddled man was thunderstruck yet again.

Arielle noticed the man’s expression and hurriedly consoled him. “He’s just joking.”

“I never joke,” Vinson replied impassively before taking her hand in his to let her get off the car on his side.

Rayson’s eyes brimmed with tears as he sent them off into the mansion. He grumbled to himself as he got back to the car while he blamed his bad luck for what happened.

Meanwhile, Arielle was almost dragged by Vinson into the mansion. In the blink of an eye, her hands were held in place by Vinson’s as she was pinned against the door by the man.

He claimed her sweet lips over and over again.

Vinson finally let her go after what seemed like forever.

Arielle gasped for breath right after.

“Haven’t you learned how to breathe yet?” Vinson asked in a low voice.

Just when she uttered the first word, Arielle was swept off her feet as Vinson carried her upstairs.

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