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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 891

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 891


“Stop it. If you think that I know the examination topics beforehand, start an investigation. I’ll admit defeat if you find any pieces of evidence. However, if you spread these baseless rumors before finding out the truth, don’t blame me for seeking out a lawyer. I’ve gone to court before. I don’t mind going there again.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“If I have done nothing wrong, I have nothing to fear. If you’re scared, it means that you’re guilty, right?”

Wendy gritted her teeth and spat coldly, “Fine! Don’t let me find out that you only aced this test because you already know the questions beforehand!”

With that, she spun around and ran out of the classroom.

She wanted to look for Donovan. As he was safeguarding the papers, she would find out if Arielle cheated by asking him.

After Wendy left, the tense atmosphere in the classroom dispersed.

The boy sitting next to Wendy said, “Boss, ignore Wendy. She’s just jealous.”

Shaking her head, Arielle said, “If she doesn’t voice her doubts now, people will still find it strange in the future. I’d rather she investigate everything now, so there won’t be any more troubles next time.”

“Next time?” He scratched his head in confusion. “Why would there be trouble next time?”

Arielle smiled and said, “You’ll find out on Monday.”

She had answered every question carefully for this test.

If her score was too high, people would suspect her.

Hence, it was better if Wendy investigated her now.

Still puzzled, the boy nodded. “See you on Monday, Boss.”

“See you on Monday.”

Arielle waved her hands and bade farewell to her classmates. Then, she walked to Trisha, who was feeling extremely guilty. Holding Trisha’s hand, she consoled, “It’s fine now! Let’s go. I’ll treat you to a meal.”

“No…” Trisha shook her head and said, “I should be treating you to a meal. If you didn’t guess the questions for me, Wendy wouldn’t have accused you.”

“That’s not true!” Arielle said seriously, “Trust me. Even if that didn’t happen, Wendy will still suspect me. Incapable people are the most skilled at suspecting the capable. So, don’t overthink. Let’s go! What do you want to eat? Barbecue? It’s been ages since I’ve eaten barbecue.”

Trisha felt slightly relieved after hearing what Arielle


She nodded and reserved a table at a popular barbecue place.

After sending a message to Vinson, she went there with Trisha.

Meanwhile, in a conference room at Vinson Corporation, the atmosphere was extremely solemn.

There were some problems with a new project. Furthermore, it was the top management who had pointed out the problems.

Rayson was supposed to handle it on behalf of Vinson. However, as he was busy investigating the wedding, he had handed it over to the secretary’s office.

Although it was the secretary’s office that failed to do a good job, Rayson could not evade responsibility.

Just as he was clutching his wallet and trembling, he suddenly saw Vinson’s phone light up.

He noticed that it was a message from Arielle.

I’m saved!

Indeed, when Vinson glanced at his phone, he smiled.

Rayson immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Whenever Ms. Moore sends Mr. Nightshire a message,

his mood will always improve.

If his mood improves, my punishment will be less severe.

Ms. Moore is my savior!

When Vinson saw that Arielle had messaged him, he tapped into it immediately despite still being in a meeting.

However, a second after reading the message, Vinson’s good mood disappeared and was replaced by fury. A cold aura enveloped him.

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