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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 885

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 885

 Passionate Morning

He had always felt jealous because of Arielle. Now, he had finally seen Arielle become jealous because of him.

Doesn’t it mean that Arielle’s starting to care about me more?

Although his happiness could not be described in words, his huge grin revealed it all.

“You idiot!” Feigning anger, Arielle glared at him and said, “Don’t hide anything from me anymore. I’m not dumb, so I won’t confront anyone without finding out who they are!”

“Promise me that you’ll not go to Turlen before I find out what’s going on. I only want you to stay safe.”

Arielle nodded firmly. “Don’t worry, I won’t.”

As she thought that barely anyone in this world cared about her, she always acted without any regard for danger.

However, many people cared for her now, even strangers on the Internet. Hence, she was determined to love and take care of herself more. She would not act as recklessly as before.

Seeing that Arielle had agreed, Vinson finally felt relieved.

“Turlen…” Gazing at the scenes zooming past her outside the window, Arielle remembered the many rumors surrounding that place.

It was a country that was closed to the outside world. Other than its geographical shape, no one knew what was inside.

However, Arielle believed that for a country to survive till now, it definitely stayed in contact with the outside world. Otherwise, its technology would have fallen behind significantly compared to its global counterparts.

She could still find some clues.

Arielle turned her head and asked Vinson, “Do you think that the man who took the picture with Mom is from Turlen?”

Vinson thought about it for a while before nodding. “It’s highly possible. They believe that their bloodline is very precious, so they’re unwilling to let it be tainted by outsiders. Precisely so, the people there refused to let that man be together with your mother, leading to that tragedy. So…”

After a slight pause, he continued, “By announcing your background publicly, you might have attracted their attention. You need to pay more attention to your safety from now on.”

Arielle nodded again. This time, she kissed Vinson’s lips.

It was as if their souls had merged together alongside their intertwined tongues.

That night, Arielle slept with Vinson.

As she had a test the next day, Vinson tried his best to suppress his urges. Other than kissing and hugging her, he did not go any further.

Soon, the next day arrived.

The sunlight shone on Arielle’s face. When she opened her eyes slowly, she realized that she was snuggling in Vinson’s arms. Both of them were merely a hair’s breadth apart.

She could not help but blush. Just when she was about to get out of bed secretly, Vinson suddenly grabbed her waist and kissed her.

While they were kissing passionately, the alarm rang.

Although Arielle enjoyed this feeling, she could not be late for her test.

“Let go of me… I need to go to school.”

Feeling reluctant, Vinson gave Arielle’s lips another peck before releasing her.

Afraid that he would suddenly change his mind, she quickly jumped out of bed and washed up.

Watching Arielle skip away happily, Vinson could not help but smile affectionately.

He decided to wash up as well and send Arielle to Jadeborough University.

Soon, they arrived at the university.

Vinson opened the car door for Arielle. Stroking her head, he encouraged her gently, “Do your best for the examination!”

“Don’t worry. I won’t embarrass you!”

Arielle waved at him while walking into the school.

Coincidentally, Wendy saw what just happened.

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