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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 884

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 884

 First Time Being Jealous

Arielle bit her lips and blushed.

She finally realized why Vinson was not afraid of her and dragged her in to see this so-called woman instead. It turned out that the person was a man after all!

Arielle’s gaze flitted around. Feeling embarrassed, she could not even dare to look at Vinson. Hence, she kept her gaze fixed on her toes.

Vinson hugged Arielle’s waist and introduced her to Xavier, who was completely oblivious. “This is my wife.”

“What the heck? You’re so lucky! Money can really buy you everything, huh? Hey, babe, I’m actually very rich…”

“Hmm?” Vinson narrowed his eyes as a threatening look crossed his gaze.

Intimidated, Xavier quickly waved his hands. “I’m joking. I’m quite the joker, really. Don’t take my words seriously! This guy’s richer than me anyway.”

Arielle bit her lip and tried her best to suppress her guilt. She asked Vinson, “What’s going on? Aren’t you attending a meeting in your office?”

Vinson looked down apologetically. “I’m sorry for lying to you. I came to meet him instead of going to the office.”

Xavier finally understood what was going on.

He quickly stood up and introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Xavier, the top detective internationally. You must have misunderstood because of how I dressed up! Well, I’m trying to disguise myself. There are too many people trying to kill me, so I’m trying to keep a low profile. Sorry about that!”

Arielle was speechless. You attract more attention dressed up like this, okay?

Vinson waved his hand at Xavier and said, “My wife’s angry, so I have to go home and coax her. Just have fun on your own. I’ve transferred the ownership of this bar to you. Rest well for these two days before embarking on my mission.”

“Got it!” Xavier saluted him before waving at Arielle. “Goodbye!”

Arielle nodded before following Vinson out awkwardly.

Afraid that Vinson would tease her, she quickly said after entering the car, “You shouldn’t have hidden it from me.”

“Yes, it’s all my fault.” Vinson nodded sincerely and added, “I met him because of Cindy.”

“Cindy? Why are you keeping it from me, then?”

Vinson smiled bitterly and said, “Actually, I felt very uneasy hiding this from you. It’s good that you’ve found out.”

“What happened?” Arielle felt even more curious.

Vinson revealed to her that Cindy was at Turlen before apologizing again. “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you about Turlen from the start. I’m just afraid that you’d rush there recklessly after finding out.”

Feeling touched, Arielle grabbed Vinson’s hand. “I was wrong too. Instead of suspecting you, I should’ve trusted you. I’m sorry…”

Vinson heaved a sigh of relief and kissed her.

As they kissed passionately, they opened their hearts to each other.

After a long while, Vinson finally let her go.

Looking at her blushing cheeks, he said affectionately, “Do you know, Arielle? When you interrogated me just now, I was really happy. It’s the first time you felt jealous because of me…”

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