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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 881

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 881

A Billion

It’s Vinson!

Although Arielle only saw his back, she was sure that he was Vinson.

But why is Vinson at the city center? Didn’t he say he had to return to his office to attend a meeting?

Given that the headquarters of Nightshire Group was forty minutes away from the city center, Arielle was bewildered upon seeing Vinson.

When Arielle took a closer look, a tall and sexy woman with heavy makeup stood in front of Vinson.

The next moment, the woman put an arm around Vinson’s shoulder intimately and walked toward a bar by the roadside.

At that moment, Arielle was rendered speechless, her heart pounded. Then, her face went red almost instantly.

The traffic light turned green the moment they went into the bar. Rayson stepped on the accelerator to continue their journey to Jadeborough University.

Rayson didn’t notice the change in Arielle’s expression and continued to chat with her from time to time.

Meanwhile, Arielle tried very hard to remain calm. No matter how much she hoped to respond to Rayson, her mind was in turmoil. As such, she couldn’t utter a word throughout the journey.

Fortunately, they arrived at Jadeborough University very soon.

After leaving the herbs in the car, Arielle asked Rayson to return to Maple Mansion. Then, she began wandering around the university aimlessly.

As it was evening, many people were playing basketball on the court.

Unknowingly, Arielle had arrived at the viewing platform. Gazing at the zestful and exuberant students on the court, she suddenly felt that she was an old and feeble woman.

As the sun gradually set, more and more students left the court.

Arielle could finally calm herself down as the breeze blew on her face.

Vinson isn’t that kind of person. There must be some misunderstanding.

Arielle tried very hard to persuade herself repeatedly. In the end, she forced herself not to ponder about it and entered the library to search for information in the archive.

Although Arielle looked for information attentively, she couldn’t help but glance at her phone from time to time.

Deep down, she hoped that Vinson would call her.

Meanwhile, in the Wave Bar, Vinson shook off the woman’s hand from his shoulder and said coldly, “I’ve booked the entire bar, and thus you can take off your disgusting disguise.”

The woman’s sexy and red lips curled into a sweet smile. Suddenly, she took off her wig and revealed her crew-cut.

“Jeez! My darling, can’t you let me pretend to be a woman for a little longer?” The woman suddenly let out a masculine voice.

Vinson pursed his lips in disgust and interjected, “Cut the crap! I ask you to come over to give you an important task.”

“Tsk!” The mysterious man pretended to be hurt and said, “I knew you wouldn’t ask me out for no reason. You’ll never miss me.”

“Be serious and talk nicely.”

The man flashed Vinson a flirtatious smile and cleaned his makeup with a wet tissue. Then, he took off the fake boobs and asked with a stern face, “What is the task about?”

“Sneak into Turlen and find out everything about the people over there.”

“Turlen?” The man put up a straight face and stopped joking.

Vinson looked up at him and said, “You heard me right. It’s the country that never forms diplomatic relationships with other countries.”

There was a brief moment of silence before he asked, “How much do you offer?”

“A hundred million.”

“Huh?” The man chuckled. “Bro, I can imagine that country is not an ordinary place. Do you think the price is enough?”

“How much do you want then?”

“I want a billion, plus your wine cellar in Ustrana. I can guarantee you that I’ll learn about all of the country’s overt and covert cultures. Besides, I can even learn to speak their dialects for you.”

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