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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 873

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 873

 She Is Here

Wendy let a tired sigh leave her.

All of a sudden, she noticed her two classmates chatting behind her.

“I’m going crazy! This Chanaean test is so hard, and it’s probably the worst Chanaean paper I’ve ever seen. It isn’t even testing Chanaean anymore! Instead, this is just a philosophy paper!”

“I agree! The front part was still all right, but the back part was horrible. I could understand every word when they were separated, but they were all alien to me when they were in a sentence. I’m so scared of papers like these.”

“We’re doomed. It’ll be such a blessing if I can even get a seventy for this test.”

When Wendy heard them, the gloomy clouds above her head finally went away.

Indeed, she could not score high marks due to the paper’s difficulty, but that also meant that the others would not score high either.

Therefore, she was rather certain she would still emerge at the top of the class.

The smile returned to Wendy’s face.

However, in the afternoon, the smile was gone again.

She stood by the classroom’s doorway as she stared at the girl talking to Trisha in a daze. Fear slowly filled her limbs and weighed them down.

It was Arielle.

She’s here.

“It’s fine. You’re really smart, Trisha. I’m sure you’ll do well in the other subjects.” Arielle smiled sweetly at Trisha as she ruffled the latter’s hair. “There’s no need to be scared when the test is hard. Just remember that if you find it tough, others find it tough too. That way, you’ll have a calm mind when you do your test.”

Trisha nodded.

She understood that, but still, she was anxious. The Chanaean test in the morning had horrified her.

Yet, confidence somehow came back to her after hearing Arielle’s consolation.

Perhaps it was because Arielle had talent in consoling others.

What Trisha did not know was that Arielle had hypnotized her.

That hypnotization did nothing but calm a person’s nerves.

“Arielle,” came a female voice from behind them.

Realizing it was Wendy’s voice, Arielle turned around with a raised brow and asked, “What’s the matter?”

The moment the two started talking to each other, the other students in the classroom turned to look at them.

After the incident on the forum, the things that Wendy had done to Arielle in the library, and the translation livestream, everyone had found out that there was something up between the two of them.

At the start, Wendy wanted to mock Arielle, but when she noticed the gazes of the others, she quickly changed her strategy. She smiled and said, “I have a problem I need help with, so I’m wondering if you have the time.”

Not wanting to waste any of her time on Wendy, Arielle snapped, “No.”

With that, she walked off to her seat.

Wendy froze, and the smile on her face slowly faded away. It felt as if embarrassment was exploding from her chest.

She never thought that Arielle would embarrass her in that way; she never thought Arielle would outright reject her.

Frustrated, she gritted her teeth before crying out, “Arielle!”

Arielle stopped, seemingly waiting for her to continue.

Wendy then took a deep breath. “Is this the way you should be treating your classmate?”

In the next second, Arielle turned around to give Wendy a smile that did not reach her eyes.

“Have you ever seen me treating the others like this? Wendy, you’re not my classmate at all.”

At that, she ignored Wendy and closed her eyes when she sat back on her chair.

The anger that thrummed in Wendy’s veins made her shake. Right as she was about to question Arielle about it, she heard a guy say, “Wendy, cut your maniacal act out. Why don’t you spend the time revising instead? The true smart student’s back. Don’t you need to work harder?”

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