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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 872

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 872

Missing The First Test

“Everyone, enter the classroom. The papers will now be distributed,” came Donovan’s voice as the students scurried to their seats.

Donovan had adjusted the tables in the classroom to make sure that each table was kept a distance away from another. That was to prevent students from peeking at their classmates’ answers.

Trisha was the last to enter the room.

Noticing Arielle’s absence and hearing Donovan’s urgings, she rushed into the restroom to call Arielle.

The call went through, but Vinson was the one to speak.


The man’s voice took Trisha aback, but she quickly recomposed herself and asked, “May I know if Arielle is around?”

“She’s sleeping. Is something the matter?”

“It’s the first monthly test today. Is Arielle not going to come for the test? She told me she was coming.”

“I understand. I’ll tell her that.”

“Thank you.” With that, Trisha ended the call and ran back to the classroom.

Donovan berated her for being late for two minutes, but he limited it to a few seconds before sending her back to her seat.

Narrowing her eyes, Wendy glanced at Trisha.

I’m sure she must have gone to call Arielle.

Still, it’s too late. It’ll take Arielle at least half an hour to reach school, and Mr. Baxter just has already said that anyone who’s late for ten minutes won’t be allowed to take the test.

There’s no way she’ll make it in time.

Wendy smirked, and she lowered her head to continue doing her test.

The first test was Chanaean, and it was of average difficulty. To Wendy, it was as easy as ABC.

Meanwhile, in a ward at Rocher Private Hospital, Vinson entered the ward after picking up the call outside.

It was rather dark in the ward, and he had picked up the call in time to avoid the ringtone from waking Arielle. Thus, Arielle was still asleep when he returned.

After a moment of hesitation, he woke her up.

“Sannie, wake up.”

Usually, Arielle was a light sleeper. However, the Wilhelm couple’s aromatherapy, as well as the exhaustion from the day before, made her sleep like a log.

Vinson had to call her thrice before Arielle slowly came to the waking world.

“What’s wrong?” she groggily asked.

“Trisha called you,” Vinson said, gritting out Trisha’s name. “She asked if you’re going for the test.”

“The test!” Arielle bolted upright. “Darn it! I’d forgotten about the test. What time is it now?”

“Thirty-five minutes past nine.”

“Thirty-five minutes… It’ll take me half an hour to get there,” Arielle calculated out loud. Then, she shook her head and lay back down. “Forget it, then. I’ll sleep for a little longer. After all, the first test is Chanaean.”

It was not as if she would score well in Chanaean. She might as well sleep until it was time for her to head to the afternoon test.

Vinson smiled lovingly at her. “Since you’re awake, why don’t you have some breakfast before going back to sleep? I’ve ordered some toasts for you, and I’m sure they’ll be here soon.”

“All right.” Arielle stretched lazily before getting up to wash up.

After a night’s rest, she was more or less rejuvenated.

I’ll sleep for a little longer after breakfast. Then, I’ll check on Harvey. After that, I’ll have lunch before going to school. Yes, that sounds like a good plan.

While Arielle leisurely ate breakfast with Vinson, the students in the preparatory class were busy scribbling answers down on their test papers.

Time went by in a blink of an eye. Soon, the Chanaean test was over.

When Wendy stepped out of the classroom, her face was pale.

At the start, she thought the test was of average difficulty, but near the end, it was then she found out she was wrong.

At most, she would be able to score eighty for the Chanaean test. However, the full marks were a hundred and fifty. That was how difficult it had been.

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