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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 870

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 870

Have You Gone Mad

Abraham glanced at Queenie and continued, “Cornelius has already heard about this, so I’d like to hear about your opinion.”

Confounded, Queenie slowly nodded. “Please continue, Dad.”

“I’d like to broaden the scope for the selection of the head of the family this time.”

Instantly, Queenie’s eyes twitched as she thought about her younger brother, Francis Mill.

Due to familial pressures, Abraham married another woman after Queenie’s mother’s death, and that was when they had Francis Mill.

Although her stepmother treated her like her own daughter and Queenie had treated the woman as her mother and that she had begun to forget bits of memories of her biological mother, she was somewhat displeased with Francis.

However, Francis had never learned anything medical at all. He could not even recognize herbs. He would be of no threat to her even if he were to join the selection of the next head of the family.

Queenie nodded. “I understand. Let Francis join in. I don’t mind.”

Abraham lifted his head and said, “That isn’t what I mean. Only the ones who are older than eighteen can join, and that’s a rule that’ll never change.”

“Then what do you mean?”

“I meant expanding the scope. Not only will the members’ extended family with talent be able to join, but outsiders who are talented can join as well.”

Queenie’s eyes widened.

“Dad, are you telling me that we’re allowing a random outsider to become the head of the family? Have you gone mad?”

Abraham frowned. “I never said the pick will be random. I’ll be mulling over the choices.”

“I disagree with this!” Queenie uttered. “The Mill family has been around for a hundred years. How can we possibly let an outsider be the head of the family? Cor, say something! You can’t just let Dad do as he pleases!”

“Queenie,” Cornelius yelled with a warning tone, “I think Dad has the right idea to pick someone talented without limiting it only the Mills. That way, we can find someone who’s truly capable of bringing our family down a better path.”

Queenie wanted to voice her objections again, but Abraham uttered, “I’ve made up my mind, and I’ve already been searching for potential participants. So far, I’ve found five. Before the start of the next month, I’ll invite them to the Mill residence to join the selection, and I’ll be the one to come up with the topic. Queenie, if you’re anxious about this, perhaps it will do you good to start preparing for it.”

Biting down on her lower lip, Queenie spun around and left.

Insane! Both of them are out of their minds! They’d rather let an outsider become the head of the family than let me take on the role.

What have I done to make them not pick me?

As she stormed down the corridor, she called Donovan.

“We’re leaving. I’ll be waiting for you at the door.”

After ending the call, just as she was about to leave the place, her stepmother, Barbara, walked over.

She liked daughters, but she had only given birth to a son. That was why she adored Queenie.

“Hm? Queenie, I heard that Don’s here. Why don’t you lead me to him? As far as I remember, I’ve only seen Don twice.”

Still in a foul mood, Queenie snapped, “Next time. I’m leaving now.”

“Leaving? Are you not going to stay for the night?”

Just as those words left Barbara’s mouth, Queenie’s figure disappeared around the corner.

Barbara inhaled sharply, but in the end, she shook her head and walked toward the study.

After a while of being in the car, Queenie finally calmed down.

Even if outsiders get to join in the selection, I still have a high chance of winning. I’m a great doctor.

With that thought in mind, Queenie exhaled slowly and relaxed her tensed muscles.

It’s a good thing to leave Rocher Private Hospital. I get to concentrate on preparing for the selection.

In a blink of an eye, the next day arrived.

That day was the first monthly test of the preparatory class.

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