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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 867

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 867


“It’s fine. Dad guessed that you must be working on a surgery too,” Cornelius told her. “The patient takes priority. We’ve saved some of the meal for you and my brother-in-law, so take your time. Don’t overwork yourself.”

“All right, Cor.” Once Queenie ended the call, the soft look on her face dissipated.

Her elder brother was good in everything but ancient Chanaean medicine—he had little talent in it. Therefore, someone like him would not be able to bring the family back to the glorious days they used to have.

She, Queenie, was the best choice for the head of the family. However, she could only hope that her father would not make the same choice as before—he had handed Silverbirch Hospital to Cornelius to manage.

The moment she became the head of the family, the first thing she was going to do was to get back Silverbirch Hospital.

Gritting her teeth, Queenie then called Donovan as she returned to the hospital to grab her things.

Unfortunately, Donovan never picked up the call, and she could do nothing but shove her phone back into her pocket in frustration as she continued her way into the hospital.

In a way, the hospital was a small place. Without needing to think much about it, she was sure that everyone would have heard about what happened to her in the operating room.

Not wanting to suffer the odd looks from others, Queenie avoided the main entrance; she entered the building via the inpatient department’s entrance before heading to her office.

Nevertheless, just as she was done packing and was about to leave the office, she heard the voices of two nurses outside.

Startled, she glanced around before tensing up and scurrying under the desk to hide.

The two nurses did not notice that someone else was in the office. As they chatted away, they went to their seats.

Right as Queenie was anxiously wondering when they would leave, she abruptly heard one of them mentioning her.

“Hey, have you heard about what happened to Dr. Mill in the operating room?”

“Duh. It’s all over the hospital. I never thought Dr. Mill was someone like that. Say, what conflict do you think she has with Arielle? Arielle saved the patient, but it sounded like Dr. Mill was displeased with how she saved the patient. I wonder what happened between them.”

“Maybe it is nothing major. I’ve realized early on that Dr. Mill’s quite a jealous person. Maybe she’s jealous that a cafe ambassador has better medical skills than she does.”

“Maybe you’re right. Wow. You really can’t judge a book by its cover.”

“Arielle really is the goddess of my heart. She’s pretty and amazing. Not only has she donated ten expensive robotic pacemakers to our hospital, but she has impressive operating skills. I’ve heard things from the doctors who had been at the surgery. That surgery was doomed to fail. The success rate of it had been close to zero!”

“Wow, that means she revived the guy, right? Unbelievable!”

“No wonder Mr. Morgan wanted Arielle to take over Dr. Mill. From now on, Dr. Mill’s position is essentially Arielle’s.”

“She’s not really taking over her position. Mr. Morgan only invited her here to treat this one patient. She’ll only be coming once in a while, so she’s not the same as Dr. Mill.”

It was hot and stuffy under the desk, so when she overheard the two nurses’ conversation, she nearly lost control and darted out to shout at them.

Is it that fun to talk behind people’s backs?


Right then, the signal went off, and the two nurses swiftly leaped to their feet.

“It’s from the eleventh bed. Quick, let’s go!”

The two hurried away.

Once their footsteps could no longer be heard, Queenie finally climbed out from under the desk.

There was a mirror on her desk, and when she rose to her full height, she saw how disheveled she looked.

“D*mn it!” She smacked her fists on the desk, but the loud sound alarmed her. Fearing that someone would notice her presence, she quickly slinked out of the office with her things.

Just as she was about to step out of the room, she turned around to look at her desk again.

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