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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 865

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 865

Arielle Is Mine

Harrison and Jared ignored Queenie as they took steps forward.

Harvey, whose body was covered with injuries, was pushed out, and he was still unconscious.

Before Harrison could say anything, Arielle uttered, “The anesthesia will still be in effect for another hour, but he’ll have to stay in ICU for the next two days. No visitors. If anyone wants to visit him, they’ll have to put on scrubs.”

Harrison would revere anything Arielle said, so he hastily nodded. “Of course, of course.”

Harvey was soon brought into the sterile ICU. Harrison was anxious to see his grandson, so he quickly put on scrubs and visited Harvey.

Jared entered the ward as well, but he only stayed for a while before leaving to look for Arielle.

However, even after scouring the entire hospital, he found no signs of Arielle. Right then, Vinson exited from a ward, and Jared hurried over to him. “Vin, where’s my sister-in-law?”

The so-called sister-in-law Jared was talking about was Harvey’s future wife, but Vinson thought he was calling Arielle his sister-in-law because he thought of them as brothers.

He smiled, but when he thought about Arielle’s condition, he grimaced. “She’s exhausted and a little dehydrated, so she’s getting a drip inside.”

Jared froze. “When my brother wakes, I’ll have to tell him that she’s the one who saved him and to get him to marry her right away.”

With that said, Jared stepped aside to enter the room.

However, he only managed to take a step into the ward before a hand pulled him out of the room again.

When Jared turned around, he realized that it was Vinson pulling him.

The look on Vinson’s face was terrifying, to say the least. Even the temperature of their surroundings seemed to have dropped to sub-zeros.

Shocked and confused, he asked, “What’s the matter, Vin?”

Vinson fixed his furious gaze on Jared and questioned, “Why did you call Arielle your sister-in-law?”

Completely unaware of what landmines he was treading on, Jared said, “That’s because she and Harvey are mutually in love. They’re going to marry eventually, so I’ve started to call her my sister-in-law.”

“They’re going to marry? Arielle and Harvey?”

“That’s right…” Jared trailed off when he lifted his head to see the murderous look in Vinson’s eyes. He gulped before stammering out, “W-What’s the matter?”

A fire of fury was burning brightly in Vinson’s chest, almost visible to the naked eye.

He took a deep breath, only to realize that he could not suppress it at all. Hence, he shot out his hand to grab Jared’s collar and hissed out, “Brat, listen well now. Arielle’s indeed your sister-in-law, but she’ll never be Harvey’s wife. Never!”

Jared’s eyes widened, but still, he could not comprehend Vinson’s words.

“Why do you say that? Our family doesn’t mind the girl’s status. When I was in the ICU earlier, I sneakily asked Grandpa about Arielle, and it seems like he has quite a good impression of her. It’s the first time I’ve heard him praise a girl non-stop.”

“Ha,” Vinson barked out. “If you don’t get it, then I’ll just be straightforward with you. I’ve married Arielle. She’s mine, and she can only be mine.”

Jared’s eyes widened even more when he heard that.


Before he could finish his sentence, Vinson fished out an item from his pocket and showed it to Jared. Then, in a solemn voice, he said, “You’re in luck that I’ve brought my marriage certificate today. If you still don’t believe in my words, you can have a look at it yourself.”

With shaking hands, Jared took the two certificates and scrutinized them. Finally, he realized that Arielle was indeed married to Vinson.

The printing on the marriage certificates was clear, so it was obvious that they were not faked. Moreover, it was not like Vinson had the need to make fake marriage certificates.

At that second, Jared felt as if someone had drained all his strength from his body.

His genius sister-in-law had been taken by another man.

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