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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 863

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 863

Self Humiliated

“Of course not.” Arielle furrowed her brows as she cast a side glance at Queenie. “Please don’t listen to someone else’s nonsense. The surgery is successful. He will be able to wake up after the anesthetic effect passes.”

“But…” Harrison still could not wrap his head around it. “Hasn’t the ECG monitor become a flat line?”

Arielle explained patiently, “Indeed, his heart has stopped beating. He’s depending on the robotic pacemaker now. So there’s no conflict.”

“Really? That’s great to know! Thank God!”

Harrison leaped in joy, throwing aside his walking stick. Tears of joy flowed down his cheeks.

Vinson reminded faintly beside him, “You should be thanking Arielle. She’s the one who saved him.”

Harrison nodded right away. “That’s right. Your name is Arielle, right? I apologize for my behavior. I was worried about my grandson. Name your price. I’ll give you anything you want!”

“It’s fine.” Arielle sounded exhausted. “There are still two bullets in his arms. If you don’t mind, please wait outside now and stop disturbing the surgery in the emergency room.”

“Sure, sure!” Harrison nodded obediently. With that, he picked up his walking stick and walked out.

He could not wait to tell Jared about the good news.

After Harrison left, Arielle shifted her attention back to Harvey.

She had to take out those bullets in his arms before they left any after effect.

Ignoring everything in the surroundings, she focused on the surgery.

Nonetheless, Vinson and Carter, who were still in the room, did not forget what Queenie said to mislead Harrison just now.

Vinson cast a cold glare at Queenie without saying anything.

At that instance, Queenie’s heart fell with a thud.

The color drained from her face as her body trembled incessantly.

The surgery was a success? The chance was less than one percent, yet she did it in less than an hour? What kind of magic is this? It’s impossible!

“That’s impossible!” Queenie pointed her finger at Arielle. “You must be lying! The surgery couldn’t have possibly succeeded!”

Arielle had no time to react to Queenie.

At that moment, Carter sneered fiercely, “Queenie, that’s enough!”

Queenie froze on the spot with fright.

Carter’s wrathful expression was even scarier than just now, as though he was going to tear her apart.

“Mr. Morgan…”

“Stop calling me. I want nothing to do with a heartless human like you.”

Queenie’s eyes widened in terror.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I should be the one asking you that.” Carter leaned toward Queenie. “A doctor should be happy over a successful surgery. But what was your reaction? Not only did you not believe it, but you also looked happy thinking that Harvey had died. Do you think you deserve to be a doctor?”

“T-That’s not what I meant. I just didn’t know that—”

“Enough! Just cut the crap. I have no right to judge you, though, because I’m not your patient. But you’re no longer a doctor of Rocher Private Hospital from now on. And none of the hospitals under Morgan Enterprise will ever hire you. Get lost!”

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