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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 731

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 731

Gradually, Vinson lost his patience and asked Susanne what she meant.

Why can’t she accept Arielle?

Letting out a sigh, Susanne piped up in a low voice, “Do you know that Henrick isn’t Arielle’s father?”

Stunned, Vinson responded, “I do.”

Upon hearing that, she could not help but widen her eyes in shock.

“You knew? How did you find out?”

Suddenly, he could see that his mother’s eyes were full of fear.

He felt strange, as he had never expected her arrogant self to show such an expression when she mentioned Arielle’s identity.

Suppressing his suspicion temporarily, he replied, “There was once where Henrick wanted Arielle to sleep with me in exchange for the benefit of Southall Group. She felt that this wasn’t something a biological father could do, so we went to Carter for a DNA test. It turned out that Henrick isn’t her biological father, but he didn’t seem to know about this.”

Susanne smiled bitterly. “How would that idiot know? Since Maureen decided to marry Henrick, everything was already in her plan. Unfortunately, she never expected that she would die in their hands.”

Furrowing his brow, he stated, “As expected, you knew how Sannie’s mother died. Did she die in the hands of Henrick and Cindy?”

In response, she nodded and shook her head. “I don’t know the specifics, but the two of them must be involved in the murder.”

Vinson was puzzled, and there was an inkling of anger in his voice. “Wasn’t Sannie’s mother your best friend? Why did you turn a blind eye to her death? Shouldn’t you find out the truth behind her death and punish the murderer severely?”

“Because the real mastermind is someone else, and we can’t afford to offend him.”


Looking into his eyes, she nodded firmly. “Yes. We as in the entire Nightshire Group. No, even if the four most prominent families in Jadeborough work together, we’re not his opponent.”

“Who is he?”

“Do you know Turlen?” Susanne clenched her fist tightly to prevent herself from shaking.

“Turlen.” After giving it some thought, he nodded. “When I was in Jadeborough University, the lecturer mentioned this country before during the world history class. This country is very strange. It hasn’t established any diplomatic relations with other countries. We only know that it’s mysterious and has a long history. As for how long their history is, we have no way of knowing.”

“It’s more than mysterious.” She sighed. “Supposedly, a country that has no diplomatic relations should be underdeveloped. However, it still existed after so many years. Moreover, I heard that the people from that country have some mysterious powers that can’t be explained by science.”

Nevertheless, Vinson thought of it as a joke.

“It’s all rumors. They didn’t show themselves, so the outside world has all kinds of speculations about them.”

In response, Susanne shook her head and smiled bitterly. “I’ve seen that man before. Forget it. It’s terrifying to even think about it. The only thing I can tell you is that Arielle’s biological father is from Turlen. They don’t allow transnational marriage to ensure purity of the bloodline. That was why Maureen didn’t get to marry the man in the end.”

Knitting his brow, Vinson inquired, “So you mean the person who killed Sannie’s mother is from Turlen?”

“Yes.” She nodded and grabbed his sleeve. “You can like anyone you want, even if she’s poor and can’t help you with your career, but not Arielle. She’ll bring unimaginable danger to our family!”

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