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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1379

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1379


“Who is it?” Sam didn’t save Vinson’s number and answered the call impatiently. That day, the actor wasn’t acting well and kept having bad takes, so he was on the verge of cursing out loud.

“It’s me, Vinson Nightshire,” Vinson answered in a low voice, ignoring Sam’s impatient tone.

Vinson Nightshire!

Sam sat up at once.

“Mr. Nightshire, what’s the matter?” he asked carefully.

“Arielle can’t film the movie for now. You can get another actress to take over her role or wait for her to return.” Vinson didn’t bother beating around the bush.

Sam was speechless.

“Where is she? When will she be back?” He felt an incoming headache at the surprising piece of news.

“She has been kidnapped and is currently in Turlen—a country that is off limits to foreigners. I’m not sure when I can bring her back.” Vinson trusted Sam, so he revealed the truth to the latter honestly.

Sam had no idea Arielle had been kidnapped. His voice grew serious as he promised, “Got it. I’ll keep it a secret.”

There was no news about Arielle in the Internet, so it was obvious that Vinson had kept a lid on the news.

Vinson thanked Sam and cut the line.

The next day, Sam informed everyone that Arielle was going to take a long break and wouldn’t be filming for now. Her scenes would be pushed back till the end of the schedule.

“Rich people like her have the privilege to stop filming whenever she likes, huh? What a diva,” the supporting female character commented enviously.

“There are many people involved in the movie. She’s the female lead, but decided not to show up just like that,” another female side character chimed in unhappily.

If we’re wealthy enough, we could ask for a long break just like Arielle if we don’t feel like filming the movie.

As the film crew didn’t know the truth, they lashed out at Arielle on social media, and it ended up as one of the trending topics.

Sann Group’s Chairman, Now An Arrogant Actress

One comment read: Ah, the perks of being a wealthy person. She could take a break if she doesn’t feel like filming. What a b*tch!

Another comment read: She took off just like that. She acted like a diva and affected the others’ progress. Why did she get to enter the entertainment industry in the first place?

Tons of derogatory comments spread online.

Some netizens went to Arielle’s restaurant previously and had talked to her, so they knew she was a kind and pretty young lady. They proceeded to defend Arielle online.

One comment read: I went to Ms. Moore’s restaurant once. She’s a gentle and kind young lady!

The following comment read: I agree! Ms. Moore is pretty, kind, and gentle. There’s no way she’s a diva. Her rival must’ve spread a rumor to defame her.

Another comment read: Sigh, the haters are really annoying. Ms. Moore took a break and ended up being cursed.

A celebrity tweeted: I’ve met Arielle before, and she’s a kind young lady. There’s no way she’s a diva.

Someone replied under her tweet: I’ve been to her restaurant a few times and bumped into her. Despite being a big shot, she’s humble.

At the same time, Jason tweeted using his official account: Arielle is a professional actress. She took a break as something cropped up. Please stop spreading rumors.

After the post went up, many unknown netizens proceeded to expose him.

One reply read: I know you like Arielle and often talked to her on the set. However, please stop fooling the public. She’s a diva, and that’s a fact.

Another reply read: I agree!

Jason’s fans proceeded to reply to him. One comment read: Mr. Jason, please focus on your work. Arielle isn’t worthy of you.

Another read: Mr. Jason, good luck with filming!

Another agreed: Yes, there’s no way Mr. Jason likes Arielle. She’s a married woman!

Jason was trying to help Arielle out, but he ended up getting into trouble.

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