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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1378

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1378


“This is the patient’s file.” The attending doctor handed Bernd’s file to Arielle.

After reading the file quickly, Arielle told them to prepare the green scrubs for her.

She changed and headed into the operation room. The attending doctor went in right after her.

Inside the operation room, Bernd was unconscious. Arielle strode in and removed the covers to check his leg. She examined him thoroughly. He was seriously injured, but there was no need to amputate his leg yet.

Arielle had just arrived, but the doctors and nurses cooperated with her willingly. Everyone knew the royal family had invited her to the country so she could teach them medical skills.

Despite being a great country, Turlen was lacking in its medical field.

Thanks to Bernd, the medical staff could observe the surgery from a close proximity. They could barely hide their excitement.

The operating room was silent save for Arielle’s occasional curt but professional orders.



“Electric drill.”

The operation went on for four hours. Arielle’s assistant kept wiping her sweat away attentively, but she kept her eyes fixated on the operating table. She was focused on the operation. Her face might be hidden underneath the mask, but everyone present couldn’t help but admire her for her tenacity. There was a unique charm about her when she was operating on the patient in a serious manner, and they couldn’t keep their eyes off her.

“Stitch this up,” Arielle finally declared.

The assistant immediately stepped forward to do as told. Arielle then stepped out of the operating room.

“How did the operation go? Did you save his leg?” Bernd’s mother, Solana, came up eagerly after spotting Arielle coming out of the operating room.

Before Arielle could reply, Aaron stepped forward. “You must be exhausted. Are you starving? Let’s go grab a bite.”

As he spoke in Ustranasion, the Turlenians couldn’t understand him and gazed at them in bewilderment.

Arielle spotted the concern in his gaze. She shook her head and turned to the patient’s family. “Don’t worry, for the operation was a success. His leg is safe. He’ll just have to take more rest and undergo physiotherapy later on.”

Bernd’s mother burst into happy tears when she learned that her son’s leg had been spared. She rushed forward to grab Arielle’s hand. “Thank you! Thank you so much,” she thanked Arielle in a trembling voice.

“Don’t mention it. I’m just doing my job.” Arielle was a doctor whose responsibility was to save her patients.

“Mrs. Kirkwood, she has been operating on Bernd for hours. I shall bring her back so she could get some rest.” Aaron then turned to Arielle and said, “Change your clothes. We’ll go grab something to eat.”

Solana released her grip on Arielle. After Arielle left to change her clothes, Solana went to Aaron. “Your Royal Highness, after Bernd gets discharged from the hospital, remember to bring her to our home for a meal.”

The Turlenians would only invite distinguished guests to a meal at their house. They would prepare everything thoroughly so their guests would have a great time.

Aaron nodded. Arielle doesn’t know anyone here. It would be great if she gets to befriend Solana and the rest.

After Arielle changed out of the scrubs and came out, Aaron brought her to a restaurant.

They then headed back to Paelsford Manor. Arielle was going to teach at the medical school the next day, and she had yet to learn how to speak many medical terms in Turlenese. Thus, she had to burn the midnight oil that night.

Arielle was busy learning Turlenese. Back in Chanaea, the Internet had erupted into a frenzy.

It all started from yesterday.

Sam had no idea that Arielle was in Turlen. After a brief deliberation, Vinson decided to inform him about it.

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