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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1376

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1376

Mr Quillen

“Got it. How should I contact you next time?” Xavier asked.

Arielle pondered over the matter, for he couldn’t climb trees every time he wanted to contact her, could he? Suddenly, her eyes lit up. “From tomorrow onwards, I’ll be teaching at the medical school. You should find a way to contact me.”

“Okay. I’ll go home and figure a way.” I don’t want to climb trees every time I come here.

“Ms. Moore? Ms. Moore!” Suddenly, someone’s voice rang out. Both Arielle and Xavier jumped in fright.

“Someone’s looking for you, so I should leave. I’ll contact you soon.” With that said, Xavier slid down the tree.

“F*ck, it hurts!” he cursed after getting to the ground. His palm was grazed from the friction against the tree bark, and blood trickled out of the wound.

On the other side of the wall, Arielle had run toward the stadium after Xavier disappeared out of sight as she was afraid someone would notice him.

“Ms. Moore!” The servant ran up to her.

Arielle came to a stop and inquired, “How can I help you?”

After learning Turlenese, she could communicate with the people here.

“Mr. Quillen is here. He wants to meet you,” the servant reported politely.

Mr. Quillen? Arielle’s brows snapped together. Who is that?

Puzzled, Arielle headed back to the mansion.

“Ms. Moore!” Sybil Quillen stepped forward to welcome her warmly.

After their return, Dylan had been wanting to meet her, but Sybil managed to deter Dylan from doing so. Times are turbulent now. If His Majesty shows up here, he’ll merely bring trouble to the princess. The queen mother and Her Majesty have been keeping an eye on him.

Arielle recognized the man at once. Isn’t he the one who became my tour guide last time? She flashed a smile and went to him. “Oh, it’s you. Hello. Is something up?”

Back in the palace.

“Aaron, did you hear my words?” The queen gave her son a sharp stare.

“Mother, I don’t even like her. Why are you forcing me to be with her?” Aaron gazed at his mother irritatedly.

She summoned me here early in the morning. I thought it was an urgent matter and hurried over immediately, but turns out she wants me to attend a blind date.

“Who do you like?” The queen stared at him. “Sonia? Emmy? Or Lucy?”

Aaron stared at her in exasperation. “Mother, I don’t like either of them. Stop making arrangements.”

These young ladies were from influential families in Turlen, and Aaron didn’t want his marriage to end up as a deal.

“What is your type? Aaron, you don’t have a choice. You can only pick one among them,” the queen told him coolly.

Aaron was displeased by how authoritative she was. “Stop it. I am in love with someone else. She’s the only person I’ll marry.”

“Who do you like?” The queen gazed at him and asked, “Is it the girl you brought back earlier?”

“Are you spying on me?” Aaron’s voice turned icy when the queen mentioned Arielle.

It really is the Chanaean woman. The queen was infuriated. Back then, Dylan went to Chanaea secretly and met that woman there. He refused to come back and marry me. I can’t believe my son fell in love with a Chanaean woman after heading there twice!

“Spy on you? Do I even have to do that? Everyone knows you brought a Chanaean woman back to teach the doctors here,” the queen responded calmly. Her voice turned authoritative as she said, “Aaron, I’ll have to remind you that Turlenians aren’t allowed to marry foreigners. I don’t care what you feel for that woman; you’ll have to give up on her.”

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