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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1375

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1375

Got In Touch

Halfway up the tree, Xavier was about to get to see the inside of the stadium when his phone suddenly rang. With his right arm wrapped around the tree, he used his left arm to get his phone out. His left pocket was empty, so he quickly wrapped his left arm around the tree and used his right arm to dig for his phone. To his surprise, his right pocket was empty, too.

It was then he realized he had left his phone on his jacket on the ground. Looking down, he was on the verge of tears.

“D*mn it! Who could it be?” Xavier swore under his breath as his eyes turned red. I forgot to switch it to silent mode. There are plenty of bodyguards around. If they heard it and found me…

As that thought occurred to him, he released his grip on the tree and slid down hastily. Whipping out his phone, he rejected the call and set it to silent mode.

“Vinson, I’ll make sure you pay me a hundred grand or more to make it up to me,” he cursed under his breath after glancing at his palms, which had turned red after he slid down the tree in his haste to reject the call.

After tossing his phone onto his jacket, he turned to stare at the tree miserably. With his earlier experience, he climbed up without much difficulty. This time, he reached the spot where he could peek into the stadium faster than before.

“Where is she?” Xavier blurted out in confusion at the sight of the empty stadium.

I finally managed to climb up the tree. Where has she gone? He wanted to use his binoculars, but it was beneath the tree. Don’t tell me I have to go down and climb up again?

Xavier was stuck. I don’t know if I can climb back up after heading down. I’ve exhausted my energy and courage.

He was about to get to talk to Arielle, so there was no way he’d let the chance slip. After a brief hesitation, he decided to head down and get his binoculars. Suddenly, a stick materialized out of thin air and poked at him.

“F*ck, what is this?” As the stick nearly pieced his eye, Xavier immediately dodged out of its way.


Arielle was delighted to hear a familiar language in a foreign country.

When she was jogging earlier, she noticed someone had climbed a tree to peek into the stadium. Assuming it was a pervert, she avoided the bodyguards and came to him. She also found herself a stick and poked up the tree.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” Arielle asked softly after retracting the stick.

“You’re Vinson’s wife, right? I’m the private investigator he hired. We met previously in the bar,” Xavier introduced himself swiftly.

Oh, it’s him! Arielle was elated. He’s already in Turlen? That’s fast. It means he’s a capable person.

“Are you in contact with Vinson? If you are, can you ask about his injuries? Tell him I’m doing well. There’s no need for him to worry.” After reuniting with a fellow Chanaean, Arielle wanted to know how Vinson was doing.

“Yes, we are in contact. He wants to come here, but I can only bring him in a few days later. I have to wait for an opportunity to sneak him in,” Xavier explained. He then asked, “What about you? How did you get here? Vinson was worried sick about you.”

“Turlen’s lacking behind in the medical industry, so they forced me to come here to teach them. My adoptive parents and Pat are here. They blocked the signal here, so we don’t have any means to contact him. If you manage to contact him, tell him there’s no need for him to worry about me. I’m doing we’ll here.”

Arielle knew Vinson would panic after she disappeared, so she quickly explained her situation to Xavier so he’d relay her message to Vinson. That way, Vinson wouldn’t worry about her.

Xavier had no idea Arielle was doing this badly here. She was here to teach them, but couldn’t even contact anyone else.

He looked at Arielle within the walls and sighed.

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