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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1370

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1370


“For some matters.”

Since Xavier could not say it, Lana took the hint and stopped asking. An hour later, Arielle’s car stopped at Paelsford Manor. Lana parked the car at the side and glanced at Xavier.

“We can’t go in. That’s for VIPs, so only those with a permit can enter.”


Xavier was very puzzled. Since when did Vinson’s woman become Turlen’s VIP? Also, why doesn’t he know that she’s here? Why can’t he contact her?

Xavier was filled with questions.

When Lana noticed Xavier’s silence, she asked, “Since we can’t enter, what are you planning to do now?”

“It doesn’t matter. Let’s go back.”

Anyway, he had already found out Arielle’s location. He could always find another chance to contact her.

Meanwhile, after Vinson hung up the call, he wondered who had brought Arielle to Turlen.

He was worried when he thought about Arielle being in Turlen. Their investigation had revealed that someone from Turlen had most likely poisoned her mother. Hence, he was afraid that Arielle would expose her identity and put herself in danger.

Since Vinson already knew where Arielle was, he called Sasha and asked her to recall the men. Before he could dial the number, his phone rang again.

He picked up the call. It was Blake on the line, saying that he had found the place where the mysterious man had locked Geoffrey’s family. Upon receiving Blake’s call, Vinson immediately bought a ticket from Lightspring to where Blake was.

He returned to Chanaea early next morning. On his way back to the Nightshire residence, he instructed Blake to bring Geoffrey’s family back to the residence. He wanted to interrogate them personally.

“What’s wrong with you, Mr. Nightshire?” When Geoffrey saw Vinson being bandaged, he rushed forward worriedly. “Why are you injured? Where’s Mrs. Nightshire? Why didn’t you come back with her?”

Mr and Mrs. Nightshire went overseas together, but why is he the only one back?

Vinson stared at the butler silently. The butler’s heart beat faster.

“M-Mr. Nightshire?” Geoffrey stuttered as he gazed at Vinson. “W-Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Did you betray me?” asked Vinson as he continued staring at Geoffrey.

When Geoffrey heard that, he was so scared that his heart skipped a beat. He gulped and replied nervously, “N-No. How can I ever betray you?”

Vinson felt upset when Geoffrey refused to admit it. After all, Geoffrey had been working for the Nightshires for decades. Now that he had committed a mistake, he chose to deny it.

“Blake,” Vinson called out softly. Blake immediately entered from outside, accompanied with a man and two women.

“Dad!” a teenage girl beside Blake called out.

Upon hearing that familiar voice, Geoffrey immediately turned around. His eyes turned red in surprise and excitement when he saw those three people behind him.

“Mr. Nightshire, I…” Geoffrey realized that Vinson had found out about him being a spy.

“Dad, how can you do something to betray Mr. Nightshire? Since when have Mr. and Mrs. Nightshire done anything bad to us?” The person who spoke was Geoffrey’s nineteen-year-old son. He was an honest and righteous boy.

“Geoffrey, you’ve really let Mr. and Mrs. Nightshire down. Don’t you, of all people, know about everything they’ve done for us?” said Geoffrey’s wife in disappointment as she stared at him. It’s a good thing that he wants us to survive, but how can he betray Mr. Nightshire?

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