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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1367

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1367

Wife Of Vinson

“Of course, my parents will be tagging along. It is a rare opportunity to be in Turlen; we have to tour together.”

Dylan felt his heart wrench painfully. She’s my daughter… She’s supposed to share these moments with me. It’s all my mother’s fault for tricking me back here. Not only did I lose the person I love the most, I even missed out on twenty years of my daughter’s life.

Dylan gave Arielle a wistful gaze. After meeting her, his desperation for power grew even further. Once I wield Turlen’s power in my own hands, I will change the law and the nation’s conditions to declare Arielle as my daughter!

Before Dylan could wallow any longer in his misery, the Wilhelms exited the room.

Dylan was particularly grateful for the Wilhelms. They were the ones who adopted Arielle and raised her as their own. Arielle’s talent and outstanding ability stemmed from the Wilhelms’ education.

Quickly, Arielle introduced Dylan and the Wilhelms to each other. After informing them of Dylan’s role as their guide of the day, the group set off to their destination.

“Eric, what information do you expect to gain from here?” Lana asked Xavier.

Earlier this morning, she decided to tag along after Xavier borrowed her car for a trip to Celestial Lake.

Xavier shot her a brief glance. “Who told you that I’m here to look into something?”

His reply caused Lana’s eyes to widen in shock. “Then why are you here? Are you here for leisure?”

She could hardly believe her ears. Earlier, Xavier informed her that he’d be staying here for half a month. Why would he waste so much time here just to fool around?

“I’m here to meet a friend. He picked this place as our meet-up spot,” Xavier explained.

Oh, he’s here to meet a friend. Lana glared at him petulantly. Curse me and my hastiness. I should have asked him the reason behind this trip before I followed him here.

Xavier glanced at Lana’s face. All he could think of was how cute she looked. “Do you want to meet him as well?” he asked with a chuckle.

Lana shook her head. I’m not going. It’s not like I know this person anyway. My presence will just serve to make things awkward. ”It’s all right. I’ll just stroll around while you have your meeting. You can pick me up after you’re done.” She didn’t want to disturb Xavier too.

Xavier bobbed his head in acknowledgment as he stopped the car. Once they alighted the car, Xavier scanned his surroundings. Promptly, his eyes widened when he caught sight of something that took him by surprise.

“Is that Vinson’s wife? What is she doing here?” Xavier mumbled in disbelief.

Although he had only encountered Arielle once, the memory of her breathtaking beauty continued to linger on his mind. Furthermore, her identity as Vinson’s wife left Xavier with a lasting impression.

“What did you just say?” Lana asked curiously.

“Nothing. Why don’t you look around? I’ll call you when I’m done.” With that, Xavier took off toward Arielle’s direction, afraid he’d lose her if he lingered any longer.

“Eric!” Although Lana was dying for an explanation, Xavier had already disappeared amongst the crowd, leaving her in the dust.

Similarly, Dylan brought Arielle and the Wilhelms to Celestial Lake. It was one of Turlen’s famous spots, and many locals frequented the lake.

Enthusiastically, Dylan launched into a lengthy explanation about the lake’s history and current condition.

Not too far off, Xavier continued to trail after them. Though he wanted a chance to talk to Arielle, the large group of bodyguards around them deterred him and anyone else from getting closer. Hence, Xavier could only watch helplessly from a distance away.

Just as he was in the midst of brainstorming, his train of thought was interrupted by his phone’s ringtone.

“Eric, where are you? I can’t find you.” Dillon’s worried voice echoed across the call. He was worried that he’d miss the chance to talk to Xavier.

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