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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1350

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1350

 Feeling Shy

“How are you feeling?” Arielle asked according to standard practices. It was every doctor’s duty to ask about the patient’s condition regardless of how she felt about him.

Aaron stared at her for quite some time before opening his mouth. “I’m okay”

At the moment, he was feeling extremely displeased. He never expected Arielle would actually choose to blackmail him when he was unwell. The entire incident made him rather upset.

Could she really have zero feelings for me? Doesn’t she like me even the slightest bit?

“Do you feel any pain or bloating in your abdomen now?” Arielle continued questioning.


“Were you able to pass gas and empty your bowels normally?”

When Aaron heard that question, a hint of redness crept onto his fair face. Why is this woman not ashamed of her words? Why would she ask me such a question?

His skin was originally quite fair. With Arielle staring at him for such a long time, his face blushed incredibly. Seeing that, Arielle immediately knew he was embarrassed. She almost burst out laughing. Are my questions that embarrassing? It’s just a normal inquiry from a doctor to a patient.

“What are you so shy about? It’s just a normal inquiry. It’s nothing embarrassing to talk about,” Arielle said plainly.

“Who are you calling shy? I’m not!” Aaron rebuked upon hearing her words, looking like an angry cat that was about to hiss at her.

Arielle suppressed her urge to laugh and continued, “Okay. You’re not shy then. So, tell me. Were you able to pass gas and empty your bowels normally?”

Aaron turned his head away and answered softly, “Yes.”

“What did you say? I didn’t quite catch that. Can you repeat it again please?” Arielle asked deliberately.

“Arielle, are you doing this on purpose?” Aaron clenched his jaw and glared at her.

“Doing it on purpose? What do you mean? If you answered me as loud as you spoke earlier, would I have missed what you said? Would I even need to ask you to repeat yourself?” Arielle said before clicking her tongue, annoyed.

Serves him right for not letting me call Vinson. Yes, I’m doing this on purpose. But so what? What’s he going to do about it?

“Yes. I was able to pass gas and empty my bowels normally. Are you satisfied now?” Aaron scoffed. I’d be an idiot if I can’t tell that she’s doing it on purpose.

“What am I supposed to be satisfied with?” Arielle rolled her eyes at him. “I’m just doing a normal inquiry. Don’t make it sound like I’m doing it on purpose.” With that, she turned around and walked out of the room. Only Todd saw the smile on her face, but he did not dare to say anything about it.

Seeing Arielle was about to leave, Aaron whined pitifully, “Arielle, I’m hungry!”

Unbelievable! Of all the questions she asked, she didn’t ask if I’m hungry, if I wanted to eat, and what I wanted to eat.

Arielle turned around to look at him. “If you’re hungry, you can get your assistant to bring you some food. Just remember to eat plain food. You can start eating other things after a few days.”

“But I want you to cook for me!” Aaron demanded, his eyes fixed on her.

“Why should I cook for you? You won’t even let me contact my husband, and now I’ve got to cook for you? The audacity of you to even ask me that! You should be more than grateful that I was willing to operate on you!” Arielle snapped.

Upon hearing those words, Aaron felt even more displeased. All she talks about is Vinson. Hmph! I’m never going to let you contact him!

“But I want to have your cooking. I’m not going to eat if it’s not made by you!”

“Sure, don’t eat then. What does that have to do with me? You can just starve to death!” Arielle snorted. Don’t you dare think those words will make me give in. You want me to cook for you? Hah, dream on! I’ll never lift a finger.

“You’re so heartless. I’m sick, and yet, you don’t even have an ounce of empathy in you,” Aaron complained, putting on a woeful look.

“Empathy is something I can give anyone except you!”

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