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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1349

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1349

The Surgery

“D*mn it!” Arielle cursed angrily and returned the phone to Todd.

“Is the signal device really broken?” Arielle shot Todd a suspicious glance. Isn’t it too much of a coincidence? How could the signal light be broken at this very moment?

Todd nodded. “It’s true. I found out it was broken when I woke up in the morning. I just didn’t have the time to report it to Mr. Aaron yet.”

Seeing him explaining in a hurried manner, Arielle decided to believe him.

“Ms. Moore, can you operate on Mr. Aaron now?” Todd asked cautiously. The doctor who was on standby on the cruise ship had already examined Aaron, but the doctor said there was no cure for the latter. Thus, Todd had no choice but to seek help from Arielle.

Hearing that, Aaron turned his head to look at Arielle. He wanted to know what she would do.

Arielle, too, stared at Aaron. In truth, she did not understand what he had in mind. He needed someone to teach his country about medicine, which she had agreed to and was willing to teach. However, she just could not understand why he would not allow her to contact Vinson.

Could it be that their country has some secrets, and they’re afraid I might leak them?

With that thought in mind, she queried straightforwardly, “Aaron, I’ve already agreed to teach your citizens about medicine. So why won’t you let me contact my beloved? Do you people have some secrets or something? Are you afraid I might leak them? If that’s the case, you can rest assured. I’m not interested in that kind of matter.”

Aaron said nothing. This little kitty is quite honest.

“Well? Don’t just stay silent! You’ve got to tell me something!” When Arielle saw he had no intentions of replying, anger surged in her heart. How is he still unwilling to speak at a time like this?

“Ms. Moore—”

“Don’t interrupt me! I’m talking to your boss right now!” Arielle cut Todd off furiously. She then turned to glare at Aaron. “Are you really not going to answer me?”

Aaron was in so much pain that he was sweating more intensely. Yet, he remained silent.

“You… Just l-leave. I don’t w-want you to operate on me.” If the consequence of him getting the surgery was to let Vinson know her whereabouts, Aaron would rather refuse the surgery.

In the past, he was interested in Arielle. He felt as though her presence would make his boring life more interesting. However, now, he reckoned he had actually fallen for her.

As such, he did not want Arielle to return to Vinson’s side. He believed he could give her the kind of happiness she wanted.

“Please, Ms. Moore. I’m begging you. Please save Mr. Aaron.” Todd had become more frightened when he saw Aaron’s face becoming paler by the second. He stared at Arielle with a pleading look in his eyes, hoping she could help him out.

Arielle glared at Aaron. The sight of him unwilling to explain his actions for not allowing her to contact Vinson when he was in such a state made her livid.

“Is there an operation theatre here? My dad and I will give him the surgery.” In the end, she relented and agreed to operate on Aaron.

Still glaring at Aaron, she muttered under her breath, “I’m only using you to find my biological father. I’m not giving you medical treatment because I’m giving in.”

“Yes. We have all the facilities on the cruise ship.”

“Okay. Send someone to take him into the operating theatre,” Arielle instructed.

Todd followed her instructions and had Aaron sent to the operating theatre. After two hours of surgery, Aaron’s inflamed appendix was removed, and he was sent back to his room. Since he was given an IV drip, Arielle instructed Todd to stay there and watch over him.

Three hours later, Arielle went to Aaron’s room.

“Hello, Ms. Moore,” Todd greeted respectfully upon seeing Arielle.

She glanced at Aaron, who was on the bed, and asked softly, “Is he awake?”

Todd whispered, “Yes.”

Hearing that, Arielle walked over. Right then, she saw Aaron’s eyes drifting toward her.

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