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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1348

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1348


“He’s sick?” Arielle opened her room door and stepped out. Seeing the worried expression on Todd’s face, she demanded, “What happened to him? How sick is he?”

Recalling the scene from a while ago, Todd immediately replied, “He’s having a stomachache!”

“Take me there!” Arielle was hoping to use Aaron to find her biological father. Hence, she could not sit idly by and do nothing.

“San? What’s happened?” The Wilhelms hurried over after hearing the relentless knocks.

Arielle turned to her adoptive parents and shook her head. “It’s Aaron. He’s having a stomachache. I’m going over to take a look. Don’t worry.”

“Do you need our help?” They, too, were doctors. Hence, they could not bear to leave a patient in suffering.

Arielle stared at the couple and thought about it. “Why don’t you come with me, Dad? Mom, you can stay back to take care of Pat.”

“San, I want to go too!” Pat did not want to be separated from his sister.

“Be good, Pat. I’ll be back in a while.” Arielle pinched Pat’s cheeks and promised, “I’ll bring you something delicious when I come back.”

It was only when Pat heard there would be good food that he agree to not go along with Arielle.

Soon, they arrived at Aaron’s room. The first thing they saw was him clutching his stomach with his body curled in a ball. On top of that, he looked extremely pale.

Arielle and Hubert rushed forward. Looking at Aaron, the former asked, “Does this part hurt?”

As she spoke, she pressed the lower right area of his abdomen.

“Yes!” Aaron replied while enduring the pain.

In reality, he really did not want Arielle to see him in such a humiliating state. Sadly, she was the only one with the best medical skills on the ship.

Arielle turned to Hubert and said, “It’s acute appendicitis. He needs surgery.”

“Ms. Moore, is Mr. Aaron’s condition serious?” Todd looked so worried that he was on the verge of tears. Aaron was the remaining heir in the country. Thus, it would be a big issue if something happened to him.

Arielle looked at Todd and assured him, “He’ll be fine after the surgery.”

“Then, please do it. We can’t let anything happen to Mr. Aaron.” The assistant gazed hopefully at Arielle, hoping that she could operate on Aaron as soon as possible.

“I can do the surgery. But first, give me your phone. I need to make a call,” Arielle said to Todd.

She had no choice but to act in a despicable manner in order to contact Vinson.

The moment Aaron heard Arielle’s request, he was so infuriated that he kicked his legs in the air while enduring the pain. He glared at his assistant and hissed, “No! Don’t give it to her!”

“Aaron, I just want to inform my husband of my whereabouts.” Arielle looked at Aaron, frowning. “He and I are a couple. He’ll be worried if he can’t find me, and I don’t want him to worry.”

“No! I don’t want you to operate on me!” Aaron huffed in anger. He had finally managed to take Arielle away with much difficulty. Hence, he would never agree to let Vinson know about her whereabouts, no matter what she said.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to do the surgery?” Arielle eyed Aaron. “Do you know your life will be in danger if you delay the surgery?”

“Mr. Aaron—” Before Todd could say anything, Aaron interrupted, “No. I don’t need you to worry about me. Get out!” He closed his eyes, breaking into a cold sweat.

No matter what anyone said, he would not let Arielle contact Vinson. Arielle was downright infuriated by his behavior.

“Ms. Moore, it’s not that I don’t want to give you my phone. It’s just that it’s useless even if you have it. The signal light on the cruise ship has broken. That means there’s no signal on the entire ship. So, even if I give you the phone, you won’t be able to make any calls.”

Arielle knitted her brows, unable to believe Todd’s words.

“You can give it a try if you don’t believe me.” Noticing the look of disbelief on Arielle’s face, Todd quickly handed her the phone.

Arielle took the phone and started dialing Vinson’s number. To her dismay, her calls could not get through.

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