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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1340

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1340


“I’m Vinson Nightshire,” Vinson immediately introduced himself. Before Sam could even answer, he added, “Where is Arielle shooting in Lightspring? And what time will she be done?”

“Shooting?” Sam was bewildered. “We didn’t go to Lightspring for any shootings. Our shoots are all within the country.”

“Oh, okay. Sorry for disturbing you. Perhaps I’ve heard it wrongly.” With that, Vinson hung up the phone. Right then, Sam was instantly sobered up.

Vinson furrowed his brows when he found out that Arielle didn’t come to Lightspring to film. Come to think of it, something’s wrong here. Judging by how she reacted when I told her I was following her to Lightspring, and her behaviors after she’d arrived, it seems like she’s hiding something from me. What exactly happened? Why won’t she tell me anything?

With those questions in his mind, Vinson decided to keep her disappearance a secret. He then rang the person in charge of the subsidiary and told him to check Arielle’s whereabouts. After that, Vinson decided to visit the Wilhelms personally. After all, Arielle is their daughter. Maybe she’s told them something.

With that assumption in mind, Vinson took a taxi to the Wilhelms residence. Since he didn’t have the key to their house, he could only ring the doorbell. However, no one answered the door after quite a while. Apart from that, all their phones were out of reach.

At that moment, Vinson frowned as he glanced at the empty house. Who could it be? Who took Arielle away?

“Could it be him?” he muttered to himself.

Right then, a person crossed his mind. The mysterious man who sent Arielle those photos and tried to break us up. Why did he need to send those scandalous photos to Arielle? Why does he want to break us up, and why did he bring Arielle away?

Vinson was utterly perplexed. Without an answer to those questions, he tossed and turned in bed, and had a hard time falling asleep.

Meanwhile, on the cruise ship, Aaron was dreaming about the wonderful time he would have with Arielle in the future. Right then, he was interrupted by his bodyguard. “Mr. Aaron, the cruise ship has broken down. We can’t move for now.”

“Broken down? What are you doing standing there, then? Get someone to fix it!” Aaron uttered coldly. If he has time to come and moan to me about it, why can’t he just get someone to fix it?

The bodyguard was just there to inform Aaron. He didn’t know he would end up angering Aaron instead. He quickly backed away in fear of getting scolded again.

Aaron was annoyed because he wanted to bring Arielle back to Turlen earlier. He never expected that the cruise ship would break down. He turned around and walked out.

“San, I don’t want to eat bread anymore. Can you make me some Chanaean dishes?” With misery written all over his face, Pat gazed at Arielle.

Arielle was yearning for Chanaean dishes as well. She was getting sick of having bread and milk all day long.

“I’d love to make you some Chanaean dishes as well, Pat. But, I have no idea if they have the ingredients here.” Arielle smiled and pinched Pat’s chubby cheeks playfully.

The moment Aaron walked out, he overheard the conversation. He instantly raised his brows when he heard Arielle wanted to make Chanaean dishes. Oh? Does little kitty know how to cook Chanaean dishes? Seems like I’m in luck!

“What ingredients do you need? I can get someone to send them over.” Aaron walked toward Arielle and Pat.

Pat was displeased when he saw Aaron. “What are you doing eavesdropping on our conversation?”

“Eavesdrop? I didn’t. After all, I wasn’t even hiding.” Aaron gazed at the angry little boy. He’s just as interesting as Arielle!

“Hmph!” Pat turned away and ignored him.

“Oh? All right, then. And here I thought someone was craving Chanaean dishes. I even plan to get someone to send ingredients over. But since I’m being ignored, I’ll take my leave now.” With that, Aaron turned around and acted like he was about to leave.

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