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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1335

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1335


Comprehension dawned on Arielle. So it isn’t the Wi-Fi. Aaron has intercepted that email! Furious, she cursed, “D*mn it!”

On the other end of the line, Aaron could imagine how infuriated she was. His lips curved into a pleased and gleeful smile.

“Ms. Moore, please keep your word.” With that said, he cut the line cheerfully.

Arielle glared at her phone before tossing it to the bed angrily. She flung her arms around the covers and stopped trying to push her luck. All she wanted was for Vinson to be safe and sound.

Aaron promised to give them a day, but technically, it was less than that. Because the weather wasn’t good, Aaron decided to take them back earlier than planned as there was a chance of the flight getting delayed anytime.

Arielle and her family packed up before following Aaron to the airport. They were taking a private plane, so there was no need to buy flight tickets or go through the gate. It was a relatively easy process.

On the plane, Aaron took the front seat, while Arielle and her family sat behind him. Pat seemed sullen despite having his family with him. Perhaps he felt that way because they were leaving for a foreign country. He actually preferred to stay in Lightspring.

“Don’t be sad. When we arrive at our destination, I’ll cook something delicious for you,” Arielle coaxed as she pinched his cheek in an affectionate manner. Pat loved Arielle’s cooking, including western cuisine, Ustranasion cuisine, and all sorts of snacks she prepared. Hearing her words, he lit up in delight, his initial displeasure all gone.

“San, you must keep your word!” Pat blinked earnestly, making him look endearing and adorable.

“Have I ever lied to you?” Arielle responded cheerfully.

“San, don’t spoil him. You’re going to turn him into a spoiled brat,” Andrea remarked as she gazed at them, her eyes crinkling up in laughter.

“He’s still young, so it’s fine.” Arielle chuckled. In truth, she needed someone to talk to her right now to divert her attention. Because the moment she had free time, she couldn’t help but think about Vinson.

And the more she thought about it, the more upset she became.

I wonder if he’s awake. He’ll probably go crazy after realizing I went missing. But I had no other choice since Aaron used my adoptive parents to threaten me. I’ve been wanting to go to Turlen as well. This is my only choice.

“San, Vin will be all right. Don’t worry.” Andrea took her hand and offered comforting words. Having once been a young woman in love, she knew her daughter’s feelings well.

“I know he’ll be fine.” Arielle had operated on him personally, and the surgery had a ninety percent success rate, but she couldn’t stop herself from missing him dearly. After all, there was no telling when they would get to reunite again.

Five hours later, the plane landed steadily. Arielle assumed they were at their destination, but to her surprise, they had to take a cruise ship before they could actually reach their destination. Her brows scrunched up. I had no idea Turlen is that far away.

That evening, Arielle came out of her cabin. Wanting to give Vinson a call, she pulled her phone out only to realize that there was no signal there.

“Don’t waste your efforts. There is no signal around, and only satellite phones work here.” Aaron had been watching her all the while and came to her when he noticed she was trying to make a call.

“Aaron, I’m already on the cruise ship with you. I need to inform my husband about my whereabouts so he wouldn’t worry about me,” Arielle told him icily.

She understood why he refused to let Vinson know that she was with the Wilhelms earlier, for he wanted to bring her back to Turlen. However, now that they were about to arrive, it made no sense for her to not contact Vinson.

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