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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1331

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1331

A Threat

The man had kidnapped the Wilhelms to threaten Arielle but claimed he wouldn’t lay a hand on her. The three of them refused to believe him, but they had no other choice. They couldn’t contact Arielle to stop her from coming here, either.

They were weighed down by dread when Arielle finally arrived. She got off the taxi and glanced at the brightly lit house. Taking a deep breath, she pressed the doorbell.

“Coming!” Hearing the doorbell, the man’s eyes lit up. He immediately went to open the door. Once the door creaked open, Arielle strode in without fear.

“It’s you?” She saw Aaron standing before her.

“Yes, it’s me. Are you surprised?” Aaron raised a brow and flashed a devilish grin.

Refusing to waste time with him, Arielle asked coolly, “Where are my parents and brother?”

“They are safe for now. Arielle, we haven’t met in a while. Do you miss me?” He stepped forward and gazed at her intently. My little kitty is captivating even when she’s mad. I have good taste indeed.

“Where are they? I want to see them now!” Arielle stated her request immediately. She would only relax after seeing them in person.

Aaron knew how important her family was to her. He snapped his fingers, and someone brought the Wilhelms out. Arielle’s eyes reddened in anguish at the sight of her adoptive parents and brother.

“Mom, Dad, Pat.” Tears welled up in Arielle’s eyes as she hurried over to them.

The famous psychologists were currently tied up with rags stuffed in their mouths. Glaring at Aaron, they seemed to be demanding an answer to his actions.

Without hesitation, Arielle removed the gags and reached out to untie their hands. Before she could do so, a pair of strong hands stopped her.

“Let go!” Arielle hissed icily.

“San, don’t act rashly!” Hubert reminded her anxiously.

Finally reuniting with his beloved sister, Pat promptly complained, “San, he’s a bad guy!”

“Pat!” Andrea hushed him, for she was afraid he would provoke Aaron.

Pat shut up reluctantly and blinked rapidly. He gazed at Arielle as though he wanted to tell her how evil their kidnapper was.

“Let them go!” Arielle said, her voice frosty.

Oh, my little kitty! Such fierceness! Aaron thought with a smile.

“Arielle, you’re too impatient.” The more Arielle valued her family, the happier he was. I can carry out my plan now.

“What do you want?” Arielle shot him an arctic glare. She had no idea what he wanted from her.

The smile on Aaron’s lips faded away as he stared at her intently. “Arielle, I need you!”

Arielle was utterly confused. He needs me? For what? What can I do for him?

Sensing her confusion, Aaron explained, “I need a medical expert, and you’re my choice. I’d like to bring you back to Turlen to teach the doctors there.”

Turlen was advanced in technology but fell behind in the medical industry.

Turlen! Hearing that, Arielle was both excited and delighted. Her heart started racing uncontrollably.

Lady Luck is on my side!

After realizing her biological father was from Turlen, she and Vinson had been trying to find a way to get into the country.

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