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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1329

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1329

 My Fault

Six hours later, Arielle finally completed the surgery on Vinson. She had single-handedly performed the operation.

Her eyes welled with tears as she pleaded, “You have to wake up, Vinson.”

She dared not let down her guard or surrender to her emotions during the six-hour-long surgery. Now that the nerve-wracking operation was over, the tears she had been suppressing streamed uncontrollably down her face.

After the surgery, Vinson was moved from the surgical theater to an intensive care unit. Arielle changed into her clothes after leaving the surgical theater. When she checked her phone, she saw a bunch of missed calls.

She decided to call Susanne first.

Once the line connected, Susanne asked worriedly, “Sannie! Are you and Vinson all right? I saw the trending news on the web. I was so worried.”

A fresh wave of tears assailed Arielle as she thought of Vinson lying in the intensive care unit. She pursed her lips, unsure of how to assuage Susanne’s concerns. If I didn’t come to Lightspring, Vinson wouldn’t be in this state right now. It’s all my fault.

Her prolonged silence merely fueled Susanne’s concern, and the older lady urged, “Why aren’t you saying anything, Sannie?”

“Mom, I’m fine. I didn’t answer my phone earlier because it ran out of battery.” Arielle settled for a white lie to prevent Susanne from wringing her hands over Vinson’s condition.

Susanne was relieved after Arielle’s assurances. She said, “Do you have any idea how many articles on the web mentioned you getting caught in a gun battle? I was scared to death.”

“I’m really sorry, Mom. I didn’t mean to worry you,” Arielle apologized.

Her apology brought a smile to Susanne, who reassured her, “Don’t be sorry. I’m happy as long as the two of you are safe. Well, now that that’s over, I’ve got to attend to other things now. So I’ll hang up first.”

“All right.”

After ending her call with Susanne, Arielle hurriedly dialed Liza Sleight’s number. She asked Liza to release an official statement on her behalf explaining that she was safe.

Liza carried out her orders immediately after their call.

Arielle’s phone began ringing with another call after her conversation with Liza ended. She immediately answered it when she saw her adoptive mother’s caller ID.


A man’s menacing voice drifted through the receiver. “Time’s almost up, Ms. Moore. Do you not wish to see your parents again?”

Arielle froze in shock. She suddenly remembered that there was not much time left to her meeting with the kidnappers. Her gaze darted to the unconscious Vinson in the intensive care unit, and she realized she could not meet the kidnappers at the agreed-upon time.

“I’m in a tight situation right now. Could I go there later?” Arielle put on false airs of calmness and negotiated with the kidnappers. She wished to wait until Vinson was awake before leaving to meet them.

The kidnapper threatened, “Time waits for no one, Ms. Moore. If you refuse to come here now, don’t blame me for what happens next.”

Frightened that the kidnapper would make good on his threat and harm the Wilhelms, Arielle cried, “I’ll come! I’ll come over now! Don’t hurt them!”

“Good girl! I’m waiting for you. Don’t forget to come alone.”

Arielle’s fingers turned white from how fiercely she clenched her hand around her phone.

D*mn it! Once I find out who’s behind the Wilhelms’ kidnapping, they’re dead meat!

Just as Arielle stewed in distress and indecision, the little boy Vinson had saved earlier appeared. He asked, “Miss, he’ll be okay, right?”

Arielle stared at the boy, her face a mask of conflicting emotions.

Vinson wouldn’t be injured if he didn’t try to save this boy. Still, I can’t blame the little boy; it was entirely Vinson’s choice. In any case, I’m the only one to blame here. I should’ve rejected Vinson’s offer to accompany me. In fact, I shouldn’t have tried to go on some impromptu sightseeing excursion to Lightspring. All of this is my fault.

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