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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1327

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1327

Shot In The Chest

“Vinson, hang in there. Hang in there! I’m here, and you’ll be all right. We’ll get through this together!” Tears smeared her face as she cupped his head in her hands. “Vinson, I don’t know what to do. I don’t have a first aid kid with me.”

“Miss, don’t worry. I’ll get my father to save him,” the young boy offered his help in fluent Ustranasion.

After he finished his sentence, the raining bullets came to a stop. A troop of soldiers moved toward them, and a man got off a military car. “My apologies, Young Master. You must have been frightened,” the man bowed and spoke respectfully to the young boy.

“This man was shot when he was saving me. Quick, send him to the hospital,” the young boy briefly explained what had happened. Wasting no time, the butler got the soldiers to carry Vinson into the car, after which Arielle and the young boy followed them to the hospital.

“Sir Casper, he’s in a critical situation and requires surgery immediately.” The surgeon was scurrying into the operation room, wanting to start the surgery as soon as possible.

“Please, let me help with the operation.” Arielle was so concerned about Vinson that she wanted to participate in the operation.

“Miss, please stop this folly. We are trying to save a life here. Stop wasting our time with your impractical suggestion.” The surgeon furrowed his brows and scanned Arielle. What does this woman think she’s doing? Such balderdash!

Arielle understood the doctor’s concern, but she had to do it. Luckily, an assistant recognized her as the Wilhelms’ adoptive daughter and agreed to her request. Without further ado, Arielle put on a surgical gown and followed the assistant into the operation room.

Her heart wrenched in pain when she saw Vinson lying unconsciously on the operation table, but she had no time to wallow in misery. Determined to save his life, she snapped herself out of her troubled emotions.

“The bullet’s in a tricky spot. It’s quite hard to remove it,” the surgeon concluded.

“What would you advise then? If we don’t remove it, the patient would die.”

Like what the surgeon had said, it was a high-risk operation. The slightest miscalculation would cause Vinson’s heart to malfunction. Casper’s father wasn’t going to give up on Vinson since the latter had risked his life for Casper, so he made a call and had the best surgeons in town working on this impossible mission.

“I’ll do it,” Arielle calmly suggested as she squeezed her way into the room.


“Yes. I’ll take full responsibility for it.” Having said that, she walked toward the position of the lead surgeon.

“The man’s life is hanging on a thread now. Stop this nonsense!”

“He’s my husband, and I would never fool around with his life!” she retorted. Her mind was already on the operation that was about to commence.

Impressed by her sangfroid, the group of surgeons let her take the helm. None of them were confident to save Vinson, anyway. Moreover, her confidence proved that she clearly knew what she was doing.

Meanwhile, news of the gunfight in Lightspring spread like wildfire on the internet. The media outlets, be it local or international, were all reporting the news, and Arielle became the trending topic.

Sann Group’s Chairman Caught in a Gunfight.

The Lady Boss of Maureen’s Kitchen Was Trapped in an Artillery Chaos.

The New Head of the Mills Was Hedged in a Gunfight.

Sann Group’s Chairman Operating on a Patient at the Local Hospital.

Every entertainment page posted about the gunfight in Lightspring, causing a stir among netizens.

Oh my goodness! Is our goddess okay?

Oh Lord, I’ll go vegetarian if my goddess is safe and sound!

Couldn’t she just stay in the country? Why did she have to travel abroad and involve herself in such a mess?

This is absolutely worrying. I wonder if she’s hurt…

This is too scary! It seems that staying in the country is the safest.

Comments were blowing up on the internet.

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